How To Remove Vanity Light? A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Remove Vanity Light

During bathroom remodel, when it comes to mounting the new lights, the first step is removing the old vanity lights. Whether you want to enhance the lighting experience of your bathroom or for any other reason, you can remove the vanity lights without any extra struggle. You can experience the best grooming experience with the new and multiple vanity lights. The removal process is quite simple, and it also includes the removal of old light fixtures. You only need to gather the exact tools for removing the old vanity lights. 

Hiring a professional electrician might be a hectic and costly task. You don’t have to spend extra for this easy work. We bring this article to guide you to remove the vanity lights yourself.

Essential safety for performing the task

Any procedure which includes the involvement of electricity, there always needs excellent care while handling. Although removing and replacing the old vanity is not such a challenging task that you cannot perform, it requires some safety to avoid any mishap. However, you can contact the experts if you are a beginner or want to avoid any minor incidents mistakenly. 

Conversely, if you are going to perform the process on your own, you need to ensure that the electrical connection is off. You can cut electricity by turning off the main switch. After turning that off, you can also use the electrical tape to the vanity light buttons. While doing this, also inform the other family member to keep their distance from the buttons until the procedure is finished. 

After ensuring the safety measures, you can start the process.

Method for removing the vanity lights

Required Material

You need to collect the following tools before removing old vanity lights. 

  • Set Of Screwdriver
  • Electrical Tape
  • Wire Cutters/Strippers
  • Pliers

5 Steps to safely Remove the old vanity lights

After turning off the electricity, the second major work is to turn off the drains. It might be possible that any screws will get stuck in those drains during the unscrewing of the light fixtures. 

Step 1: Turn off the drains

After turning off the electricity, the second major work is to turn off the drains. It might be possible that any screws will get stuck in those drains during the unscrewing of the light fixtures.

Step 2: Remove the light globes

When you are done with all your safety measures, you need to grab a ladder to reach the light globes. Unscrew those old vanity light globes to remove them and put them aside. 

Step 3: Unscrew the light fixture

Now you can see the screws securing the vanity light fixture to the wall. With the help of an appropriate screwdriver, unscrew the nails and remove them.

Step 4: Twist off the wires 

After removing the fixture, you can see hidden wires. Twist off all those wires joining the lights’ wiring to the main wiring. Then separate the light fixture and place it aside. Check the ends of the wiring to see if they are in good condition for further processing. If not, then you can use wire strippers to cut the edge.

Step 5: Remove the mounting plate/bar

Remove the long mounting screws that secure the light fixture plate to the wall.

Now, if you want to install the new bathroom vanity light fixtures, you can follow the following method.

Method for installing the new vanity lights

1. Attach the new plate/bar 

Each vanity light has a plate or bar for mounting the light fixture to the wall. Also, read the manual given along with the vanity lights set to read the instructions for mounting the lights carefully. Attach the metal plate to the wall using a screwdriver.

2. Join the wires

Now join the light fixture’s wires to the grounding wires, black wire to black wire, and white wire to the white. Twist it in the anti-clock direction and secure it with the yellow caps. For more security, you can wind the electrical tape on the wires. 

3. Secure the light fixture 

The next step is securing the light fixture on its plate where you have already joined the wires. Tight it up with the help of screws by keeping the right fixture level. Then screw the sockets for installing the light globes. 

4. Fix the light globes

In the end, put the new light globes by screwing them into the socket. Check its function by turning on the switch. Now you are ready to enjoy your area’s new look and lights.


In short, a standard light bulb is easy to replace, but if you need to replace and remove the complete light fixture, you must follow a proper process. Removing the vanity lights is not rocket science if you acquire the safety measures and the precise instructions. In addition, you can follow a straightforward method given in this article for performing the task quickly.

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