What Size Mirror For a 72 Inch Vanity?

what size mirror for 72 inch vanity

Finding the right size mirrors for the biggest vanities, such as 72-inch vanity, might be hectic. But it could be easy for you if you get the proper guidance for measuring the mirror size. An accurate mirror can allow you to get comfortable usability. Hanging a perfect mirror improves usability and enhances the appearance and style of your bathroom. So it’s essential to mount the right size mirror above the 72-inch vanity and any other size bathroom vanity.

Designing the large areas with the large vanities could be a trickier task than designing the small size bathroom. As for large vanity and bathrooms, you have more options for designing the area, such as mounting single and double mirrors. Following some standard rules and guidelines can make your mirror sizing process easy.  However, your mirror size can also depend on the other factors we will describe in this article.

Average mirror size for 72-inch vanity

Vanity mirrors for any size bathroom vanities can be hung according to the standard rule of thumb. The 72-inch bathroom vanity is the most extensive and may require a large bathroom mirror. When you follow the standard rule for hanging the mirror above the bathroom vanity, you must leave a 2-4 inches space between the outer corner of the mirrors and the vanity top. Following this rule, an average-size mirror for 72-inch vanity could be 66” to 68” wide. However, you might need to consider other factors that will define the right size mirror for your specific space.

Three significant factors for buying a mirror above 72-inch vanity

You must focus on three major factors for hanging the mirror above the 72-inch vanity. Considering these factors are essential to get the right size mirror that is not encountering any other bathroom wall accessories. These three major factors are the functionality, lighting fixtures, and the different shaped mirrors available in the market.


The most crucial factor that you must consider is to achieve the proper functionality.  A vanity mirror is the first thing you may see after waking up and could be the last thing of the day before bed. Therefore it is necessary to make that place comfortable for you and other users. You can start getting the correct functionality by hanging the correct size mirror. It will account for the mirror height as well as the mirror width. For deciding the right height, you need to consider the user’s height, and for getting the correct width, the vanity top width plays an important role. Your mirror should be high enough that all family members can quickly achieve their right vision while standing in front of the mirror.

Lighting fixtures & their placement

The other important factor is the type of lighting fixtures. You need to decide whether you want the lighting fixtures above the mirror or on the sides of the mirror. Think about the space above the mirror. It allows you to hang the lighting fixtures above the mirror, and you need to place other sconces on either side of the mirror. Secondly, for 72-inch bathroom vanity, you might go for double mirrors and require more than two light sconces. You will find different options of lighting fixtures to get the right brightness level for 72-inch bathroom vanity. These are:

  • One or two pendant lights above each sink of 72-inch vanity
  • Single Lighting bar with multiple bulbs for a single large-size mirror
  • Double lighting bars for double sink 72-inch vanity, with two or three bulbs
  • 2-3 sconces on the sides of the mirrors
  • Sconces can be mounted above the mirrors
  • Single or double mirrors with LED lights can be hung above the vanity.

If you choose to select the lighting fixtures that will go above the mirror, you need to leave a space of 2-3 inches between the lighting and the mirror. It will define the height of the mirror. On the other hand, when you choose to mount the sconces, you need to consider leaving one or two more inches between the mirror side and the vanity top. It will be the proper width of your mirrors for 72-inch vanity.

Shapes of mirrors for 72-inch vanity

Mirrors are available in various shapes and designs that enhance the aesthetics of your bath areas. These are available in different finishes to get the balance theme of your bath area by making contrast with the bathroom design.

The round and oval mirrors are popular for a classic and unique appearance whether you are mounting them above floating vanity or freestanding bathroom vanity. You can buy a standard-size mirror or a custom-size mirror but align them in the center of your vanity or sink to get a traditional look.

Other traditionally popular mirror shapes are the square and rectangle, which lend a unique aesthetics while mounting above the bathroom vanity. If you want to upgrade your bathroom style from simple to high-tech, you can get defog frameless mirrors, LED, and stream-free mirrors.  To achieve an artistic or royal appearance, a framed mirror is another option that you can find in the market.

To get a creative look and stylish appearance, you can get different geometrical shape mirrors, such as pentagonal and hexagonal shape mirrors.

Other essential factors to consider

In addition to three significant factors, you can focus on other factors to get the right size mirror and achieve a relaxed environment in your bath areas.

Overall space & style of your bath area

To get the right size mirror, you can start focusing on the overall space for your mirror. Carefully examine how much wall space you have after hanging the vanity. Is your ceiling height small or large? You can use this height as a guideline for measuring the height of your mirror.

Do you have pre-mounted lighting fixtures above the vanity or at the sides of the mirror? After considering the available space, keep your mirror width less than the width of your vanity top. If you want a wider mirror, keep it at the same level as your vanity top.

Accurate brightness

The other important factor is to get the correct brightness. While hanging the mirror, make sure that your area looks bigger and bright, specifically when dealing with the large bathroom vanity. A 72-inch bathroom vanity is more oversized and may require more luminance to get the proper brightness.

Suppose you are going to hang the mirror where there is no window or open space. Then you should hang more lighting bulbs to get the right brightness level. However, if your bathroom has a large window, your mirror should be hung away from the window.

Mirror location on the wall

The other important feature is the mirror’s location and placement. When you design your bath area, the placement of your mirror may improve the aesthetics and reflect your personal choice. If you mistakenly or willingly select a mirror that is too small or installed incorrectly, you might get an uneven appearance. Mirrors can be placed vertically and horizontally, regardless of shape and style. Wherever you mount your mirror, the main focus is to achieve the right style and brightness so that you can enjoy your grooming process.

Different accurate ways to hang the mirror above 72-inch vanity

You can focus on the following two points for hanging the mirror above the 72-inch bathroom vanity to get balance and consistent appeal.

Consider the vanity itself

While hanging the mirror, your primary guidance can be your vanity on which you will hang the mirror. Mount your mirror above the vanity so that its bottom does not touch the vanity top. The recommended gap between the vanity top and the mirror is 5-10 inches. When you hang the mirror, be careful to mount that at the eye level of the user. It should be 60” to 65” from the floor.Consider the faucet line

Second, an essential feature could be the faucet line. It will help you to decide what height of mirror would be suitable for your specific vanity. For example, if you hang the mirror above the 72-inch vanity and focus on the faucet line, then you can skip focusing on the other features, such as the backsplash and mirror top.


Which mirror shape fits brilliantly for a 72-inch vanity?

Mirrors are available in various shapes, but for oversized vanity, you might not opt for every available shape. When the main point is to archive the right aesthetics other than just achieving the proper functionality, you can only mount the suitable shape mirror above the 72-inch vanity.

A round mirror might be perfect for achieving a stylish and softer look, but rectangular mirrors are perfect for more oversized bathroom vanities such as 72-inch vanity. You can hang double rectangular mirrors above each sink of the 72-inch vanity.

Summing it up

You can consider the mirror 66 inches to 68 inches wide for a 72-inch bathroom vanity. These are the average measurements for mirrors. If you want to hang the double mirrors, you need to hang the two similar size mirrors above each vanity by leaving the appropriate gap between the two mirrors. However, these measurements are still unsuitable for your space, so you can hang the custom mirror according to your bath space.

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