Bathroom Makeup Vanity Ideas For Your Glamorous Retreat

bathroom makeup vanity ideas

A well-designed makeup vanity not only adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom but also offers a dedicated area to pamper yourself and get ready for the day ahead. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern setup or a charming vintage look, we’ve gathered a selection of inspirations to suit every taste and space. Let’s explore different bathroom makeup vanity ideas that will leave you feeling inspired and excited to revamp your makeup vanity area!

1. Vanity Lighting

Home decor designers should always keep in mind that the best place for makeup vanities in our house is where the best lighting is. For example, if you install your vanity under a darker area and depend on only a few lights, how could you manage your makeup, shaving, and hairstyle? All these things and other important makeup for us need proper light because you can’t imagine that you have cut on your skin during shaving just because of darker light. 

Use your makeup vanity under a proper lighting space and in addition you can use wall light for when sun-set then you can make a beautiful hairstyle even at night. We recommend installing a vanity near the window because that is primarily a natural light source. And if you do not have natural light, do not rely only on the overhead lamp; install light along the vanity’s mirror for proper lighting. 

There is another thing to do not place this vanity in that area where it should not make an unwanted shadow on your vanity or skin when the sun goes down. Use proper wall lighting in the position of your eye level to see better results and changes on your skin.

white bathroom vanity with cabinets

2. Vanity Storage

Makeup vanity storage is an essential thing because it makes us ready for the day, and to do this, storage also should be organized. An organized makeup vanity makes us ready quickly only if it is organized properly. To correctly manage your things, different drawers are available in the market. Those drawers have partitions inside to give you more space, and you can keep your items based in categorized ways. 

This way, you can keep makeup on more oversized items like eye shadow and small lipstick to keep your vanity usable and organized. 

3. Vanity Seating Area

Choose a comfortable seating area for your vanity which is functional, practical, and stylish. In this area, you should also have all the necessary tools for your makeup, like a hair dryer and a cleaner. Use a stool instead of a chair for better eye contact during makeup. Different types of stools are available for seating in front of makeup vanity in which leather-made stools are trendy due to their quality and durability. 

beige bathroom vanity

4. Position for Vanity

When you are going to install, then no one knows better than you what is the best fitting area for the vanity. We recommend installing a vanity between your two sinks or along the sink side that will be an ideal position area for your makeup vanity. Because in this way, you have access to all your tools near to you and have space to keep your things like makeup kit, cosmetics, and jewelry. 

blue variant backsplash vanity

5. Height of Makeup Vanity

The height of makeup vanity often ranges from 24-inch to 32-inch vanities. Because in this way, you have easy access to the countertop. Whenever you design a makeup vanity, ensure you have access in a comfortable way to the countertop while sitting on a stool. 

Also, keep in mind the height of the stool or chair you will use. As always, our recommendation will go for the stool due to its durability and portability, which means easy to carry anywhere. 

gray white bathroom vanity

6. Mirror of bathroom makeup vanity

The mirror is a crucial part of the makeup bathroom vanity. It plays a vital role in makeup vanity. We recommend you have two mirrors, one larger and one smaller. Now, you are curious why two? Because a larger one will show your complete appearance in the mirror. But you need a closer view also for eyeliner and makeup, which you can see in a small mirror and will have a clear close-up view of your skin and styles. 

black white modern bathroom vanity

7. Arrange it for yourself

Arranging our makeup vanity is a big headache for everyone which items we keep. The best idea is that we keep frequently used items near and easy to access for us, while arranging other items behind these one items. 

We frequently use hair comb for making a beautiful hairstyle, same with lipstick, and we should place these two things near to access the kits and items we use sometimes or once a day, like a hair dryer, then we can keep it a little inside. In this case, we will have easy access to frequently used things, increasing the functionality of our makeup vanity.

white master bathroom vanity

8. Personalize your makeup vanity

You frequently use your makeup bathroom vanities, and only your eyes often see your vanity. That would be a good idea if you decorate your vanity for you. You can use different ways to decorate your vanity by choosing the perfect color and painting for the vanity. In this way, you can personalize your makeup vanity for you.

You can also make it look luxurious by adding wallpaper, polishing its hardware, and polishing its nickel with paint. Metallic wallpaper adds a stunning elegant look to makeup vanity. 

blue vanity

9. Use of furniture

With a combination of furniture, which will decrease the cost of your decoration and will save you money making makeup vanity is another best idea. It would be best if you had a mirror table and chair or stool available in your home. After this, use a full-length mirror on the wall, which will make your makeup vanity complete. And you have a makeup bathroom vanity without spending money to purchase a new one. 

vanity table with white chair

10. Use of Panel mirror

If your vanity is in that position or location where your makeup vanity is small, you can’t fit your mirror on it. Then you can use a folded panel mirror which will cover up your makeup vanity and will give you a stunning look of makeup vanity with a panel mirror. Now, maybe you are worried about how to keep the panel mirror standing in front of the vanity; then, three folded panel mirrors are available in the market. While three folded mirrors can stand better on their own, so you don’t have to worry about how to keep your mirror secured along the wall. 

makeup bathroom vanity ideas

11. Use of floating shelf

You can use a floating shelf desk installed along the window. This will help you keep things organized, and it will double as a desk. Keep your makeup things minimal. 

makeup vanity ideas

12. Make with side table

If you have a lower budget and space, then don’t worry; make a vanity with a side table and chair, hang up your mirror on the wall, and your makeup bathroom vanity at an affordable price is ready. 

makeup vanity idea

13. Use of secret storage

You can use a wall-mount cubby or fold-out desk space as extra secret storage space, which can be easy to access. And can keep it secret when you are going to use these things. 

makeup vanity idea 3

14. Decorate with Wallpaper

A small space and vanity with a desk can be decorated with wallpaper. You can choose the color and art of wallpaper according to your choice, then use it on the wall of the vanity as a background to give you a stunning classic look. 

stylish bathroom vanity with mirror

15. Add Vintage Looks

With fewer elements on your bathroom vanity, you can add vintage elements, like antique chairs, ornately curved mirrors, and paneling. You can also add a collectible line of shelves for your personal use on this makeup vanity. 

white bathroom vanity with antique mirror

Last Words

We have discussed bathroom makeup vanity ideas and how to decorate it more comfortable and functional. In bathroom makeup, vanity ideas, important things are making your vanity useful and placing it under a proper lighting source. For proper functionality, keep careful about the storage area where you will install the vanity and the height of the mirror as well as the size of the stool on which, after sitting, you will perform makeup.

For a complete look and close-up view, you can install two mirrors in the vanity, and the perfect space for the vanity is between two sinks because, in this way, you have more space to keep your makeup kit, jewelry, and other stuff related to makeup.  Other than this, you can personalize your vanity with the help of painting or wallpaper and make it look like a luxurious makeup vanity with metallic wallpaper. 

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