9+ Corner Bathroom Vanity Ideas – Space Saving Elegance

Decorating a bathroom is not challenging, but when it comes to a small bathroom, it becomes a bit challenging as most of the vanities will not fit properly in your bathroom, and this is where corner bathroom vanities come in. These corner vanities are smaller in size and their floating design is going to save you a bunch of space. Corner vanities serve as space-saving options for compact and small bathrooms. Bathrooms are one of the most important parts of a house, as they are used many times a day, and most people’s bathrooms are not that big, so they always look for something that helps them save space in their bath. These vanities are specially made for your small bathroom. Take a look at our list of encouraging corner bathroom vanity ideas when renovating your small bathroom.

1. Dark Oak Vanity

Give your small bathrooms a modern and sleek design with Dark Oak Single Vanities. Dark oak vanities are specially made for compact bathrooms, and they are available in different sizes ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches. These vanities feature an integrated sink and a single-hole faucet, which makes them very easy to install. 

Their floating design creates a charming look in your bathroom and by mounting a dark oak bathroom vanity you can save a lot of space. Dark oak bathroom vanities can be paired with any kind of walls and tiles as their dark shade is visible on all kinds of backgrounds.


2. Anthracite Vanity

Without compromising the style and functionality, elevate your bathroom design and space with Anthracite Bathroom Vanities. These bathroom vanities are a space-saving option for small bathrooms because of their wall-mounted design. 

Main feature of this vanity is its deep drawers, where you can store your daily usable products. Another feature of anthracite bathroom vanities is that it comes with underneath soft-close hinges. Upgrade your bathroom décor and space with these premium and luxurious anthracite bathroom vanities. 

3. High Gloss White Vanity

Small and compact bathrooms can definitely benefit from this High Gloss White Bathroom Vanity. Its Premium white finish is going to give your bathroom a luxurious and modern look. High gloss white vanity is perfect for powder and guest bathrooms as mostly powder and guest bathrooms are not big. 

The floating design not only gives this vanity a modern and stylish look but also makes it super easy to clean underneath. High gloss bathroom vanity comes with a single-hole faucet, making it easy to install and manage. You can also enhance the look of your bathroom by adding some artworks around the mirror.


4. Light Oak Vanity

Enhance the look of your bathroom with these stylish light oak single sink vanities. Light oak vanities are available for all kinds of bathrooms, the size of these vanities varies from 24 inches to 48 inches. Their light shade looks very attractive on dark background walls but can also be paired with light color backgrounds to bring a contemporary touch in your bathroom.

Light oak single vanities are only available in floating design and that can save a lot of ground space in your bathroom. Their soft-hinge feature ensures you a noise-free access to your daily usable products stored in the drawers. This Light Oak Vanity is a perfect option for small and compact bathrooms without compromising the overall style and look of the bathroom.

5. Black Vanity 

Black single vanities can definitely save your small bathrooms. Small guest and powder rooms can take big advantage from these vanities. It comes in a corner-like shape that makes it possible to fit any coroner in your bathroom. You can place this vanity in any corner where a square vanity would look very awkward and destroy the overall look of the bathroom.

Black corner vanity shouldn’t be used for the main bathroom, because main baths require a lot of free counter space for daily uses but your small powder and guest bathroom can definitely use this vanity as not much countertop space is required in a small bathroom.

6. Triangle Edged Vanity

Small bathroom owners can gain a bunch of floor and countertop space at the same time, to make this possible they can choose Triangle edged vanity for their small and compact bathrooms. With these triangle edged vanities you can choose the option to go with a bowl sink, to get more flat edges for your daily grooming. You can also place some wall arts at the both sides of the mirror to enhance the look of your bathroom.

7. Corner Bathroom Vanity With Two Mirrors

Master bathrooms are not always required to have a dual sink to look luxurious, with a corner bathroom vanity you can choose to have one sink and the other side with just a flat countertop for your daily preps and for your daily makeup or usable products.

Placing two mirrors on both sides will help you to use the both sides of the vanity without disturbing your partner.

8. Closed Corner Vanity Cabinet

When having a corner vanity the storage space options are minimized but you can overcome this issue and place a corner cabinet on the top of the bathroom vanity, this will provide the perfect spot for your daily and all the useless things to store in. These corner cabinets are very easy to assemble and install which is a plus point for its users.

9. Gray Single Sink Vanity

Having a small or compact bathroom in your powder room doesn’t mean that it cannot look modern or luxurious. To bring a luxury look in your bathroom you can choose this gray vanity  with white finished bowl sink at the top. This corner vanity will only take a tiny amount of space in your bathroom corner. Gray corner vanity is the best option for your compact bathrooms and the premium white sink finish adds up a modern & stylish touch in the bathroom. Another great feature is that it provides extra storage space to store all of your daily medicines and toiletries.

10. DIY Dressing Table Corner Bathroom Vanity

People who are lucky to have a master or huge bathroom can definitely consider adding a dressing table corner vanity to any of your bathroom corners. This Dressing table vanity is fully created from scratch and it’s the best spot to get ready every morning.  Women’s love to have a place to sit where they can properly place all their daily make-up products. Adding a mirror with this dressing table vanity is a great option to see everything clearly.


How to measure a corner vanity sink?

Measuring the sink of the corner vanity is very easy. Take the measuring tape and place it on the first end of the sink and horizontally draw it to the other end of the sink. This is the width of the sink, note it in a notebook or a piece of paper. 

How to choose the right-size vanity for your bathroom?

When it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity, it is very important to keep the size of your bathroom in mind. The width and the free space in your bathroom is the main place where you can add a bathroom vanity. Measure this size and available space, then pick a vanity that can fit in that place properly without taking too much space.

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