How High Should The Mirror Be Above The Vanity? Achieving the Perfect Look

How High Should The Mirror Be Above The Vanity?

Whether renovating your bathroom or constructing it, if you are considering hanging the mirror above your bathroom vanity and how high it should be. If you are going through such a situation, take a look at this guide.

Decorating the bathroom is a painstaking task; you must make everything aligned and functional. A little mistake in placing one essential part of the bathroom, like vanity, lighting, mirrors, and others, could destroy your entire project. Installing other parts might be tricky but hanging the mirror above the vanity is a simple task when you have an accurate idea about how high it should be. As such, there is no strict rule about hanging the mirror. The height might vary according to the size of the bathroom and your style preference. 

To understand the right height for your bathroom, you must focus on some factors discussed below. 

8 Factors involved in deciding how much high the mirror should be

1. Functionality

Though hanging the mirror above the vanity has no strict rules, one crucial thing is to make the area functional for each family member. The bathroom mirror is generally hung over the vanity to perform a different task. Installing it in the proper location will allow you to view yourself clearly.

While hanging the mirror, consider the average eye level for all family members who will use the vanity. If you are installing a mirror for you and your partner, consider your height and your partner’s height. For the kid’s room, the height of the mirror might be lower according to their length. 

2. Proportions to vanity

Another good factor is that the mirror should be proportional to the sink and another part of the area. It should give a symmetrical appearance. If these are not symmetrical, then it will not only destroy the look of the bathroom but also interrupt its functionality. 

There should be equal space left on each side of the mirror while considering the correct eye level. Suppose you have more oversized vanity, then your mirror should be placed in the right position to cover the width of the vanity.

3. Vanity height

The other main factor that plays a vital role while selecting the highest point of the mirror for mounting on the wall is vanity height. You should concentrate on the sink height in this situation. The mirror should be centrally aligned and placed 5 to 10 inches above the sink. At this point, the bottom of the mirror should be fixed. The primary purpose is to avoid the sink faucet interrupting the medicine cabinets or covering the large mirror area. Following this rule, your mirror will be a few inches above the faucet.

4. Wall-mounted faucet

In contrast to the deck-mounted faucet, wall-mounted faucets are installed slightly (approximately 4”-5”) above the vanity.

Your mirror height calculations will differ for such vanities and faucets. It should be near to or at ten inches above the faucet.

5. Light fixtures

Don’t ignore the light fixtures. If you have already installed light fixtures that are too low, then you might forget about the rule mentioned above. Then your focus will be on the height of the light fixtures instead of the faucet. In this case, measure the height in different ways. Your mirror should be centrally aligned between the lighting fixtures and the vanity sink.

6. Mirror size & shape

Vanity mirrors come in different shapes, including rectangles, squares, ovals, circles, and irregular shapes. Whichever you select, the main focus is how high it would be on the vanity to get a symmetrical appearance. Square and rectangular mirrors can be vertically aligned from the middle. 

In contrast to these, round or oval mirrors are usually horizontally aligned from the center of the mirror. In this way, they can enhance the appearance aesthetics of the vanity and can get the proper balance. If you want to align them vertically, then the lowest curvy point of the mirror should be in the middle of the sink above the vanity.

7. Framed or frameless mirror

Framed mirrors are popular among people. These come in different styles and sizes of frames that give the bathroom a stylish and trendy appearance. You must select the right style and color for your specific bathroom vanity to make it a great choice. For hanging such vanities, you need to leave the extra space above the vanity to fix the mirror. Such mirrors should be placed about 10 inches above the sink in height.

Frameless mirrors are also popular among people. They are less expensive and more stylish. You can get the style at cheaper rates. When we talk about hanging such mirrors above the vanity, it should be hanging, so its bottom edge is on the top of the backsplash whiteout, leaving any gap.

9. Vanity size and style

Vanity size and style also play an essential role when hanging the mirror above them. It will enable you to choose between mounting one or two mirrors. For instance, a large mirror above a small vessel sink wouldn’t be suitable even if you aligned that perfectly. Similarly, choose a vast mirror according to space and two mirrors of the exact sizes above the double vanity sinks for bigger vanity. Ensure to align them in the center of the sinks above those you will mount the mirrors.


Is there any standard height for the mirror?

Although there is no specific rule for hanging the mirror above the vanity, it can depend on different factors. However, the standard mirror height from the vanity is 40” inches high. 

How much distance must be between the mirror and the sconces?

The rule for keeping the perfect space between the mirror and its adjacent sconces on both sides of the mirror is that the sconces should be 18 inches away from the sink. 

Final Thought

While remodeling your bathroom, the importance of hanging the mirror above the vanity is similar to selecting the mirror size for a specific vanity. However, the main rule for measuring the height of the mirror is to maintain the eye level of the person who will be using the mirror. Besides this, other factors are also mentioned above in this article. While mounting the mirror above the vanity, keep them in your mind.

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