How Much To Install A Vanity? Ultimate Guide for Homeowners

how much to install a vanity

Installing a new bathroom vanity is a typical home improvement project that can enhance the appearance and functionality of a bathroom. The remodeling project can depend on the cost of a new bathroom vanity. Before starting a new remodeling project, you must consider how much a new bathroom vanity will cost. Whether you want to upgrade the storage space or the aesthetic appearance, installing the new bathroom vanity could be the best way to boost the bath areas. Therefore, you should consider your available budget.

However, the installation cost of new vanity can vary widely depending on several factors such as the type of vanity, material of vanity, pre-made or custom vanity and complexity of the installation, labor cost, and many more. In this article, we will explore these factors in more detail to better understand how much it may cost to install a new bathroom vanity. First, know about the average bathroom vanity cost.

Average bathroom vanity installation cost

A new vanity for your bathroom has significance. The installation cost can fall anywhere from $250 to $3,800, with an average of around $1,500. The cost ranges can be considered by focusing on different factors. You can think about whether you want to opt for a premade or custom-built vanity, the type and material of the countertop, and the vanity’s size. Additionally, it will vary according to installation complexities. Whether you require hiring a professional to install it or you will perform the project independently. Most importantly, the cost of plumbing when you need to fix the double-sink vanity instead of the single-sink bathroom vanity.

Types of bathroom vanities and their cost

The bathroom vanities are available in various styles and types. These can be freestanding, floating, corner, wall-mounted, single, or double-sink bathroom vanities. No matter what kind you select, you can get the freedom to make the cabinets according to your own choice. All These style bathroom vanities can be found in two options: pre-made and customized. The costs of both types of bathroom vanities are different.

Cost for Pre-made bathroom vanities

The cost of pre-made bathroom vanities can differ from the custom bathroom vanities and be less expensive. You will find pre-made bathroom vanities from the market from $100 to $2600. This range includes the price of the material you select for your vanity, the size of the vanity, and additional hardware and fixtures. A pre-made bathroom vanity can be found in various sizes, and the price range can differ according to the vanity size. However, the high cost you can consider is the countertop cost when buying this bathroom vanity. If you want to get top of your choice, consider the $50 to $200 additional charge.

Cost for Customized bathroom vanities

When you decide to prepare or build your bathroom vanity yourself, think about the cost more than the pre-made bathroom vanities. Manufacturing and designing a bathroom vanity are costly, so make up your mind about more expenses. The price of custom bathroom vanities falls between $500 and $2800. For a quick estimation of the customized bathroom vanity cost, consider spending $5 to $135 for a square foot of vanity plus the $200 to $1000 fixing cost.

You may also need to pay the plumber to fix the plumbing fixture for your custom bathroom vanity. The plumber’s fee can be $45 to $200.

Material for bathroom vanity cabinet

Vanity cabinets can be made from different materials, and the price of each material is different. The materials for bathroom vanity cabinets are solid wood, plywood, and MDF. All of them have their own properties and variable price range.

Solid Wood

Wood vanities are standard because they are long-lasting and can be stained or painted to fit any bathroom’s layout design. A wooden vanity might cost anything from $2,000 to $2,000.


Due to its low cost and it’s easy use, medium-density fiberboard, also known as MDF, is a popular material for bathroom vanities. The price of an MDF vanity can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000.

Material for bathroom vanity top and their cost

The cost of bathroom vanities mostly depends on the countertop material you specifically select for your bathroom vanity. In contrast to the vanity cabinet, for a vanity top, you will have more options in front of you while choosing the material. You can increase the cost of your vanity and installation if you select top-quality material at a high price. It’s all up to your choice and your budget range. Additionally, the type of sinks, such as integrated, under-mounted, pedestal, or whatever style you select for your countertop, will also affect the overall cost of your vanity.


Quartz is the most convenient and durable material for vanity tops due to its moisture-resistance property. Besides, this is famous for getting a stylish appearance. When you decide on this material for your vanity, get ready to spend up to $75 for each square foot.


Granite is another popular material for vanity tops. These are more reliable materials, although they need extra care as they show some sensitivity in damp and moist environments. This material has two forms, and each state has its own price range. You can get granite slabs and granite tiles. For granite tiles, the cost ranges from $5 to $15 for each square foot, while slabs per cost foot cost $5 to $60.


This material is highly durable and robust and can perform well when you select to create your vanity countertop. In addition to durability, these can enhance the look with traditional patterns. The countertops made from concrete have a price range of $65 to $135 per square foot. However, the countertop made from concrete could be heavy and need extra care to place on the vanity cabinet.

Cultured Marble

The average price of cultured marble can be up to $65 for each square foot. Mostly you will find this material countertop in pre-made bathroom vanities. Cultured marble is the best option for achieving the right style as it has more pattern, colors, and durability than traditional marble.


These countertops, like quartz, are constructed by combining crushed stone with resins to produce a firm surface that is harder and stronger. The maintenance of this material is straightforward. The countertops made of a composite can cost you from $75 to $120 for every square foot.


Another similarly created material is the Corian. This material’s formation involves mixing plastic resin and metal, making it a non-porous material perfect for countertop manufacturing. These countertops range from $42 to $65 per square foot.

Porcelain or Ceramic

The most popular and affordable material for countertops is porcelain or ceramic—the average cost of ceramic countertop fall between $6.50 and $19 for each square foot. The main tile costs only $0.50 to $10 per square foot, but the other material for attaching the countertop to the vanity cabinet costs $13 to $28 per square foot.


It is also a complex material made from various materials, including paper, plastic resins, and wood. You can get a smooth surface countertop cheaply, as these countertops cost only up to $53 per square foot.

Other bathroom vanity installation costs

Undoubtedly, the vanity countertop could be the most expensive part of the remodeling project. However, only considering this part will give you a partial estimation of the vanity installation cost. For this, you need to consider the cost of other factors, whether installing a pre-made vanity or a custom bathroom vanity.

Labor cost

The installation process of vanity is more than just placing them in one place. Sometimes you need to cut and trim the countertop to fix it in one place and make the holes for the sink. All these functions are generally performed by the labor you hire to install the bathroom vanity. The level of your project will affect the cost of your delivery. The labor fee can be $100 to $150 per hour and depend on the installation complexity.

Cost of Installing the Vanity Sink and the Faucet

Besides installing the vanity cabinets, installing the sink and faucet is a lengthy process requiring special tools and expertise. Installation of sink and faucet involves various steps, and the cost of this process can vary according to the type, materials, and means you select. Regardless of the number of sinks and styles, the average price of this process is $380.

Cost of Replacing or installing the plumbing lines

This process is trickier, and you need to hire a professional plumber. Additionally, this step required quality materials, such as solid pipes and other adhesive materials. The overall cost for this project is $358 to $1994, an average of $1000.  The overall cost will vary according to your job size, plumber’s fee, and type of material.

Double vanity installation cost

Double bathroom vanities are more costly than single bathroom vanities, and to install such vanities, you need to spend more money. The installation cost will be high as there is a need to utilize more material for establishing the oversized bathroom vanities. For small vanities, you only need to spend $300, while double vanities require up to $1000.

Wall removal cost

Consider extra expenditure to install the new bathroom vanity where you have already established a vanity.  Removing a wall can cost you $300 to $1000. This expense can depend on the harm you create while removing the old bathroom vanity. You can avoid this if you carefully remove the previous vanity.

Backsplash installation cost

The backsplash for vanities is available in various materials and sizes. The average cost for installing the backsplash per square foot is $1.5 to $30, depending on the size and material you select.

Flooring and trim adjustment cost

While installing the bathroom vanity, sometimes you need to adjust the flooring and trim the vanity. If your vanity installation requires this step, you should spend $300 to $1100 more.

Cost of replacing the old vanity

Replacing the bathroom vanity can cost you differently than installing a new one. Replacing the bathroom vanity can cost you $665 to $3,300. It depends on different services, including installing new plumbing fixtures and removing and disposing of old vanity sets.

Removal or disposal

Removing the old bathroom vanity can cost $115 to $500. The most important factors that will involve in this step are the size of the vanity, weight, and countertop material, to affect the project’s cost.

Changing the single bathroom vanity top double bathroom vanity

A new double vanity and installation can range anywhere from $750 to $3,200. You should hire a bathroom remodeler to create the space for the area where you don’t have defined space for installing the double bathroom vanity. A plumber can be hired for $45-$200 per hour to transfer the existing plumbing and install a new line leading to the second sink when changing the single-sink vanity to the double bathroom vanity.

Cost of Hiring a professional

If you need to hire a professional plumber or remodeler, your project cost will be high. A professional can handle the project efficiently, but they always charge high. The pro-services for vanity Installation will cost you $200 to $1,000 per vanity. To avoid any mishap hiring a professional is always the best option.

DIY Vanity Installation cost

If you are a DIYer, you can perform the task independently instead of hiring a professional. Only you need to utilize the time, energy, and proper tools to install the bathroom vanity. By doing so, you can save the fee that you need to pay the professional and the labor cost of $100 to $150.


Can you convert a single-sink vanity into a double-sink vanity?

Yes, a single-sink vanity can be converted to a double vanity. It might be possible to perform this task you need to spend more money than simply manufacturing a brand-new double vanity. Creating a double vanity similar to the original vanity takes additional time, effort, and materials.

Which material is ideal for a vanity top?

All the materials for vanity tops have their properties. The ideal material for your specific bathroom vanity can be defined by your budget and what style you want in your areas.  The most important thing is how much time you can give your bathroom vanity to maintain it for longer. You may find low-cost material ideal for you, but they need extra care for maintenance.

From where can I buy a replacement vanity?

The best option for replacing your broken vanity is to buy a pre-made bathroom vanity from any vanity store. Make sure to select the option that comes with a built-in sink which makes it easier to replace the broken vanity, and that can fit into the previous design.

Can a plumber install new bathroom vanity?

Yes, the plumber can install the bathroom vanities efficiently if the vanity unit is pre-assembled and require a small effort to fix in place. If your bathroom vanity set requires particular expertise and carpentry work, it can be handled by the carpenter. However, the direct knowledge of plumbers includes connecting the water supply lines and drain lines to the sink faucet after installation of the bathroom vanity. 

Summing it up

In conclusion, the bathroom vanity installation cost can vary from project to project. However, the average price for vanity installation can be $250 to $3,800. This cost mainly depends on the vanity type, the vanity cabinet material, and the vanity top. If you want to perform bathroom remodeling and vanity installation projects yourself, your project cost could be low. Similarly, it can be high if you hire a professional carpenter to install the bathroom vanity. If you need help with your vanity installation method, you can contact our experts for professional help.

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