5 Best 60 Inch Bathroom Vanities That You’ll Love

Best 60 Inch Bathroom Vanities

One of the best ways to enhance the value and style of your home is to keep updating the bathroom vanities. In this modern era, where a huge advancement comes in each and everything, the bathroom vanity style also shifted from traditional to top-notch designs. The latest vanities not only give a modern appearance to your bathroom but also fulfil the other necessary requirements like storage, functionality and many more. A right bathroom vanity also amplifies the style of mirrors and light fixtures above it to give a complete aesthetic look to your areas. 

We bring the list of the best 60-inch bathroom vanities that can adequately bring a stylish appearance to your areas. The 60-inch wide vanity is perfect for couples and large families and can easily fit in mid-size bathrooms. First, we will discuss choosing the right size bathroom vanity, mirror size and the number of light fixtures for 60-inch wide vanity. 

How can you choose the right size bathroom vanity?

When it comes to selecting the right size bathroom vanity, you will get a lot of options. You can choose from a diverse collection of vanities in the market, each in a distinct style and size. You can find smaller vanity of 18″ wide and wider up to 72″. Your budget, needs, and personal style all play a role while selecting one. Obviously, you cannot install an 18″ vanity into a wide space. Similarly, you cannot fix the 60″ or 72″ vanity into a smaller room

A 60-inch bathroom vanity is the best size for medium to the large bathroom. These vanities are perfect for enhancing the functionality of a mid-size bathroom for more than one person. You can easily give your bathroom a couple of style appearances and achieve ample space for both persons. 

At 60 inches, you can find the single and dual sinks vanity. All you have to do is to inspect your area and define the purpose of buying this size vanity. Either you want to improve the functionality for a single person, couples or the whole family. Notably, what kind of appearance do you want to provide your space? Regardless of the type of vanity (dual or single), make sure to leave space for passing by the vanity. 

During your bathroom remodeling, make sure to focus on the drain line fixtures. It also plays an important role in defining the right size vanity for your bathroom. If you are going to change the size or even style of the vanity, it must match the previous points of plumbing fixtures. If you ignore this, you need to hire a plumber, and your remodeling project can cost you high.

Single or Double mirrors for 60-inch vanity

The second most important thing while buying the 60-inch bathroom vanity is the right mirror to complete your bathroom’s appearance. The mirror size also depends on your style preference and the number of sinks. Some people love to hang a single mirror over the wide vanities like a 60″ wide vanity. On the other hand, some people like to hang two mirrors above each sink for dual sink vanity. 

Regardless of the number of mirrors you choose for 60-inch vanity, follow the rule of thumb for mirror size. It should be two inches smaller than the vanity on either side. 

The other important thing when considering the mirror for your vanity is the shape of the mirror. These are available in round/oval, rectangle/square, and other antique shapes. However, there is no strict rule for mirror size. You can change it according to your area’s dimensions and preference for styling your area. 

How many light fixtures are over 60-inch vanity?

Another important thing is to decide how many light fixtures you will need over the 60-inch vanity. The number of light fixtures depends on different things, like the type of lighting, single or double sinks, and the number of mirrors, as well as the area and dimensions of the bathroom.  

If you are going to install the lighting bar over the 60″ vanity, then you must follow the rule of thumb. According to this rule, the lighting bar must be 75% of the vanity size. To get proper illumination above such wide vanity, you must hang the lighting fixtures with multiple bulbs. You can install the right size double lighting bars on each sink. 

Another option is to hang the wall sconces. For a single mirror above the 60″ vanity, you will need the three wall sconces, while for double mirrors, you can hang the two wall sconces for proper brightness. Besides these lights, you can install gorgeous pendant lights and also go for accent lighting. 

5 Best 60 Inch Bathroom Vanities

Now let’s look at our top picks for 60-inch bathroom vanities. All of these are stylish and stunning vanities, and you can easily place an order to buy your favourite vanity from our website.

1. 60″ Selena Sara Navy Blue Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Are you searching for a stylish yet traditional vanity for your bathrooms? This Selena Sara Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity is perfect for this. This gorgeous free-standing vanity comes with the latest style sink mount into porcelain countertop, backsplash, solid MDF wood and six spacious drawers. You can find this vanity in various colors, such as white, gray and green, to make it compatible with trendy themes for the bathroom.

2. 60″ Selena Sara Green Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

This stunning Selena Sara Green vanity can give traditional aesthetics to any bathroom. With its sleek green finish with golden hardware, you can enhance the beauty of your bathrooms. The porcelain top and Solid engineered wood base make it more durable. This vanity with six functional drawers and two double-door cabinets is sufficient for ample storage to tuck away all your toiletries. This free-standing vanity with a pre-drilled faucet hole allows you to style your vanity with your favorite faucet. 

3. 60″ Selena Gray Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

If you want to bring a combination of the latest and old fashion appearance to your bathroom, then this Selena Gray with double sinks is made for you. This cabinet comes with six leather-finished functional drawers with soft close hinges to bring ample space to your areas while making the hustle free. It is available porcelain top plus a backsplash and ceramic sinks. But for the faucet, you can buy it separately, according to your choice. 

4. 60″ Selena White Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

This marvellous Selena White vanity is one of our best bathroom vanities. Its beautiful, solid wood base and marble countertop make this vanity more resilient and stylish to serve your bathrooms longer. It includes double sinks and six leather-finished functional drawers with soft-closing hinges. It is available with two right-size rectangular mirrors to bring a balance and classic appeal to your bathroom.

5. 60″ Sequoia Beachwood Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Make your minimalistic bathroom appearance with this super stylish and spa-like bathroom vanity. The SEQUOIA is one of the best bathroom vanities that offer fantastic functionality without compromising the style. This unique vanity has a vessel-style sink, two wide functional drawers, and one cabinet shelf. With its latest style, this vanity offers a more stylish look to any bathroom.  

Get a new vanity for your bathrooms

The list, as mentioned earlier, of vanities is some of our best vanities for 60-inch bathroom vanity. Each vanity displays its separate identity. You can choose one that matches your style and needs. However, select the right one that can serve your areas with the right purpose and style. You can contact us to get professional guidance if you are still determining which one will be perfect for you.

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