What Size Mirror For 48 Inch Vanity? Read The Detailed Guide

what size mirror for 48 inch vanity

Are you going to remodel your home? Are you having trouble finding the ideal mirror size for your 48-inch vanity? We bring this article to provide a solution to your confusion. 

During the remodeling of your home, when there comes the time to install a vanity, you also need a perfect-sized mirror that can go with that specific vanity. Today in the market, there are vast collections of mirrors that not only enhance the appearance of your bathroom but also improve its functionality. The critical point is to select the perfect one for your area and vanity size. 

Apparently, buying a mirror seems like an easy task. But behind the selection of a suitable size mirror for specific size vanity, there are various factors involved. These involve the vanity style, mirror shapes, and mirror position while mounting the lights along this. 

According to standard measurements, the mirror size should be 2-4 inches less than the vanity size. Hence for 48 size vanity, it can be calculated as 42-44 inches.

 Let’s discuss other points on which mirror size depends.

Overall area for mounting the mirror with 48-inch vanity

The most crucial point is where you want to mount a mirror with 48-inch vanity. Typically, 48-inch vanity is the standard option for medium-sized bathrooms. If your area is congested, your mirror should be wide to cover the size of your vanity. The framed mirror will not be suitable for such an area. 

However, if your area is vast, you can go for frame mirrors to enhance the aesthetics of your space. Even you can go for double mirrors with double-style vanity. 

Height of the mirror for 48-inch vanity

The other main factor to consider while selecting the size of the mirror is the height of the mirror. For measuring the height, you can use the standard mirror measurements. The 48-inch vanity width of the mirror matters more than the height. However, while measuring the size of the mirror, make sure to measure the height. You can use your height and other family members to calculate the measurement. It should be suitable for taller and shorter people. 

Height of the ceiling for measuring the size of the mirror

When calculating the mirror size, it is better to consider the ceiling height in your bathroom. The taller mirrors might give more space to the small or medium size bathrooms, but the mirror should be shorter to the ceiling of your larger bathroom. According to our experts, there must be a 4-5 inch space between the top and the mirror. 

Lighting above or beside the mirror

While measuring the mirror size for 48-inch vanity, consider the suitable size and style of lightening. Whether you want to hang the sconces and lights the above your mirror or beside it, make sure to leave some space for them.

Mounting the sconce beside the mirror will affect the mirror width for the 48-inch vanity. You should consider 1-2 inches less in the mirror width. For a better understanding of mirror measurements, you should know the exact size lights for 48-inch vanity. 

Besides the lightning, other things can also play a role in deciding the mirror size for 48-inch vanity. These might be adjacent walls, shelves, and cabinets in the same portion of the wall. 

Shapes and style of the mirror for the 48-inch vanity

Another point for measuring the size of the mirror is the different shapes of mirrors. Mirrors of all kinds, in a variety of forms, finishes, and styles, are widely available on the market.

These characteristics might affect the mirror’s size.

Generally, we consider the rectangular style mirror when we talk about mirror size measurements. But you can hang round, oval shape mirrors. Similar to rectangular shape mirrors, round or oval shape mirrors also should be shorter than the 48-inch vanity. For ease, you can check the guide given by manufacturers. In the case of manually designing the mirror, you can make the diameter of these mirrors equal to the sink size. 

Other types of mirrors include framed and frameless mirrors. You can select the frameless mirror if you want a simple and airy look in your bathroom. Frameless mirrors are less expensive and give a lighter appearance. On the other hand, framed mirrors provide a detailed appearance for the space. Besides the shape, you can buy mirrors with the latest technology, like LED lights, defog mirrors, and mirrors with sensor functionality. 

Whatever style and finish you choose; the rule for measuring the mirror’s size is almost the same. 

Single or double vanity – what would be best for 48-inch vanity?

Suppose we talk about single and double vanity for 48-inch vanity. Different types of people like the style according to their choice. However, 48-inch vanity is the standard size for double vanity. Although these are just a little wide for two persons, if you can adjust with the small size vanity, then you can go for it. 

Single vanity

Until now, we were talking about the mirror size for a single vanity. You can adopt this style for various reasons. Single vanity style provides more space for placing the product for daily use. For smaller areas, they give an open appearance to the bathroom.

Double vanity

If you want to adopt the double vanity style, then instead of hanging single mirrors, you can go for two separate ones for both vanities. These mirrors should be of the same size. However, the size of these mirrors could be smaller, and you have to reduce some more inches other than the total size of the mirror. It will define the gap between the two mirrors. 

For 48 inch vanity, if you are going to mount two mirrors, then the width of the mirror should be 2 inches less from both sides of the mirrors. It will create a 4-inch gap between the two mirrors 22 inches wide.

What are different vanity styles for 48-inch vanity?

Vanities come in different style and functions but primarily, people like the following style of vanities.

  1. Cabinets
  2. Floating
  3. Vessel
  4. Freestanding

Cabinet style vanity

This style of vanity comes with one or two basins and one or two basins. There are more than two cabinets designed under the sink. People love this type of vanity because the cabinets provide space for storing different products. 

Floating style vanity

These are named floating style vanity due to their unique style. These are mounted against the wall, similar to other style vanities. But the bottom of this vanity is not attached to the ground. 

Vessel style vanity

This style of vanities is different because the sink is placed on the top of the vanity instead of mounting under the countertops. These provide flexibility to their use for replacing the color of sinks. 

Free stand vanity

Free-stand vanity is different from other styles of vanities. Other vanities are mostly mounted against the wall. But free-stand style vanity can stand without fixing against the wall. These are famous among people for providing a modern appearance and style. 

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What is the ideal location to hang the mirror light?

There are two ways to hang the light for the bathroom mirror. One way is to pivot a sconce on the sides of the mirror, and the other is to mount above it. Both methods are suitable, but we recommend that light is above the mirror as it provides more functionality and creates a great appearance. 

How can you fill the gap between the wall and vanity?

In case of any gap between the vanity and the wall, you can opt for different methods to fill those gaps. The most popular is the use of caulk (for small apertures). However, more significant gaps can fill by adding backsplash and, in some cases, product organizers. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the size of a mirror for a 48-inch vanity might vary depending on the mirror and vanity styles. However, the typical mirror size for a 48-inch vanity is between 42 and 44 inches. For a deeper understanding of the decision we took on the final size, see this post. Though, bathroom area comes with different style and wideness. Feel free to contact us for any queries about your specific project.

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