15 Amazing Black Vanity Bathroom Ideas 

Gold accents with black vanity

Bringing the black vanity into your bath areas can create an instant bold and stylish appearance. Designing the bath area would be the most considerable task as it would be the first and last place one sees at the beginning and the end of the day. Mounting the right style and finish bathroom vanity can enhance the overall space of bathrooms. Bathroom vanities come in shades ranging from bold to smooth hues, and black is one of the most liked colors for bathroom vanity. A black bathroom vanity can create an elegant and sophisticated environment in the bath areas regardless of the size of these bathrooms.

If you are considering finding black vanity bathroom ideas, this article is for you. Read the entire post and discover various black vanity bathroom ideas. Through these multiple ideas, we will guide you to bring the black vanity into your bath area by bringing bold and modern sophistication.

1. Bring elegance with black vanity

Black is the symbol of elegance, and if your vanity is black, you can instantly elevate the look of your bathroom. You can easily create a stunning and sophisticated bathroom with the timeless elegance of a black vanity. Black in the bath areas displays a sense of luxury and drama that help you get a refined look. Opt for a sleek, modern black vanity that suits your bathroom design. Black vanity can be paired with light color countertops such as white and pink. You are pairing it with the pink countertop to showcase striking contrast. Embrace the elegance of black vanity in your bath areas by contrasting it with a white or pink countertop.

black bathroom vanity
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black bathroom vanity with mirror
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2. Minimalist black vanity

Minimalism is all about bringing simplicity and functionality to the bath areas. If you want your bathroom to look clean and uncluttered, then try to install the simple black vanity. Pick the modern wall-mounted or floating black vanity set to bring minimalism to your bath areas. With the floating black vanity, you can free up the floor area. Couple it with a simple and plain white countertop and keep the bathroom color scheme neutral. You can combine the vanity with geometrically designed mirrors to enhance the style.

3. Add the touch of white with black vanity

Enhance the beauty of a black vanity by incorporating a touch of white into your bathroom design. Instead of painting the whole wall white, you can enhance the style by adding small white elements to your bath areas. Painting the walls with a matte black hue while keeping the trim white creates a stunning contrast that brings depth and timeless appeal to your space. The black and white combination is the ideal option to enhance the spacious feel of a compact bath area. It also creates bold and sophisticated aesthetics in close bath areas.

blue bathroom vanity
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40 inch black white single sink bathroom vanity

4. Couple the black vanity with the white countertop

For Achieving a striking and sophisticated look in your bathroom, pairing a black vanity with a white countertop is an ideal option. Combining these universally contrasting colors gives a stunning visual impact to your bathroom. The sleekness and depth of the bold black vanity can beautifully complement the smoothness of the white countertop. This combination creates a timeless and classic aesthetic in your bath areas. You can mount the white shelves on the wall with white and black vanity and place your favorite decoration pieces. Whether you are a modern or traditional style lover, coupling a black vanity with a white countertop ensures a sleek and luxurious ambience.

5. Select black vanity with a glossy finish

Another way to flaunt the black vanity in your bath areas is to bring an arrogance with a glossy finish. It helps to elevate the glamour and elegance of your bathroom. The shiny and reflective nature of the black finish gives a deep and rich look to the vanity that makes your vanity a focal point in the bath area—pairing it with various stylish accents such as gold or chrome accents to elevate the aesthetics of glossy black vanity. Choose the shiny black vanity to transform your area into a sleek and stylish space.

Brown bathroom vanity
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6. Go for modern black vanity

While choosing the black vanity, select the modern and stylish bathroom vanity. The sleek and contemporary style lovers for their bath areas can enhance the modernism of their bathrooms. A floating-back vanity with clean lines and a minimalist design is ideal for bringing a contemporary look. In contrast to free-standing bathroom vanity, a wall-mounted or floating vanity with a black finish can create a sophisticated feel. Pair it with an under-mount sink to bring the ultra-modern effect. To enhance the sleekness, choose recessed handles to enjoy a peaceful environment.

black bathroom vanity and glass sink
Source: Homedit

7. Bring glamour with black vanity & glass sink

Opt for a glamorous black vanity to create a bathroom that displays glamour and luxury. You can pair your black vanity with a sleek glass sink. This unique combination creates a stunning visual appeal and luxurious feel to the bath areas. The glass sink sits proudly on the black vanity, which serves as a dramatic and elegant foundation. Couple it with chrome or nickel hardware to enhance the appearance of the black vanity. In contrast, you can choose the vanity without any visual hardware to improve the bathroom’s appearance with clean lines of black vanity. So, embrace the beauty of the black vanity with a glass sink and, as a result, get a bathroom with modern glamour and a high level of sophistication.

8. Bold accent colors with black vanity

To bring timeless appeal and enhance the visual interest in your bathroom, black vanity pairs well with bold accent colors. To achieve this style and look, consider adding a vibrant hue to the walls, such as emerald green or deep red. The combination of black and red creates a visually striking and captivating ambience. With the red wall paint, you can bring energy and passion to the bath areas, and the black vanity can stand proudly against the bold color wall. This bold combination can create a unique and eye-catching focal point in the bath areas. Bring the bold color power to your bath areas and flaunt the beauty of black vanity.

Bold Accent Colors with Black Vanity
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black bathroom vanity with natural elements
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9. Black vanity with natural elements

If you think the black vanity is only made for creating the bold and modern style of the bath area, then you are wrong. For nature lovers, you can bring a touch of nature into your bathroom by adding natural elements to your black vanity. You can pair the matter or glossy black vanity with the wooden countertop. This unique combination adds an organic look and farmhouse style to your bath areas. You can embrace the beauty and bring an earthy environment by adding green plants or woven baskets. This bathroom design idea with a black vanity is ideal for nature lovers who want to feel closer to nature.

10. Vintage charm with black vanity

If you want to embrace the bathroom style with vintage charm while adding the black vanity, you can add this mounting to the vintage-inspired black vanity. A black vanity with free-standing mounting styles and ornate details can bring a vintage touch to your bathroom. Get the vanity with the distressed black finish and pair it with the black countertop to bring the antique and vintage style to the space. Pair the black vintage-style vanity with antique accents such as ornate mirrors and lighting fixtures to complete the look. Additionally, consider adding vintage-inspired wallpaper to complete the old-fashioned style and atmosphere.

Vintage charm with Black Vanity
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black floating bathroom vanity
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11. Lighting ideas for black vanity bathrooms

Proper lighting in the bathroom is crucial to getting the correct functionality and aesthetics, especially when you mount a black vanity. Bathrooms with black vanities seem stunning and more functional when adequately illuminated. Consider adding the sconces and pendant lighting to get proper and shadow-free illumination. With the black vanity, you can incorporate soft lighting. For a contemporary look and environment, you can install L.E.D. lights above the black vanity. Mount the dimmer lights to create a soothing and peaceful environment. Highlight the sleekness and beauty of the black vanity by placing accent lights above it that can emphasize the design.

12. Gold accents with black vanity

Adding gold accents is the right way to enhance the sleekness and style of the black vanity. By adding the gold accents, you can instantly improve the elegance and sophistication of the black vanity. Gold brings luxury and modern aesthetics to the bath areas and the black bathroom vanity. This bathroom idea is ideal for people who love bringing luxury to the bath areas. Gold and the black combination can get the statement to the bath areas. Consider adding gold accents with the black vanity, such as gold hardware, faucets, and towel racks, to improve the beauty of the black vanity.

Gold accents with black vanity
Source: TheFederal

13. Black bathroom vanity with L.E.D. mirrors

Picking the appropriate mirror to complement your black vanity is an easy way to upgrade the look of your bathroom. You can choose various styles of mirrors, such as ornate and geometric mirrors, but adding L.E.D. mirrors is the perfect way to enhance the luxuriousness of black vanity. You can create a sleek, modern design by pairing the black vanity with the L.E.D. mirrors. These mirrors are essential to get the proper functionality and bring the aesthetic of black vanity. The reflective surfaces of the mirrors also help visually expand the space, making the bathroom look spacious and inviting.

14. Consider improving the storage with black vanity

Suppose you have a shared or larger bathroom and want to enhance the storage space and improve the convenience of double sinks, mount double sink black vanity. Opt for black vanity with double sinks and multiple drawers. This way, you can upgrade your area’s storage space and functionality. By adding the touch of sophisticated and elegant style by mounting the black vanity, you can improve the functionality of your bath areas for yourself and all family members. Pair your double black vanity with gold accents and stylish faucets to complete the contemporary look.

plants as ornaments with black vanity
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15. Use plants as ornaments with black vanity

Another fantastic black vanity bathroom idea is bringing natural elements to the bath areas. Enhance the beauty and create a refreshing atmosphere in your black vanity bathroom by incorporating greenery such as plants and natural ornaments. Bringing the plants with the black vanity can balance the modern and stimulating environment in the bath areas. Choose plants that can survive in dim light and bring life to your bath areas. You can place plants in different ways with the black vanity. Place a potted plant on the countertop or place a small plant beside the black vanity that can add a unique and timeless appeal in the bath areas.


When designing bathrooms with black vanity, you will find various ideas to transform your bathroom into a space of elegance, style, and functionality. A black vanity is a unique and stylish vanity set that can enhance the bathroom design to a new level. However, if you pair your black vanity with different contemporary fixtures, you can improve the aesthetics of the luxury black vanity and the bath areas.

Whether you want to bring the elegant, vintage, or modern style to your bath areas, black vanity shows versatility for achieving your desired style. You can also consider buying different black vanities with different finishes, such as distressed, glossy, and matte, according to your taste and preference. While mounting the black vanity to your bath areas, try different styles, colors, and materials to find what works best for your bath areas. Opt for one of our given black vanity bathroom ideas and enjoy the sleekness and beauty of black vanity in your bath areas. 

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