11 Stunning Painted Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Get An Instant Makeover

Painted Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Mounting a painted bathroom vanity is a fantastic way to bring new life to your old bath area. You may not need to renovate the entire bath area to bring new life to your bath areas. A painted bathroom vanity can instantly transform the look and atmosphere of the entire room. Installing the painted bathroom vanities is a budget-friendly option. Renovation of the entire bath area costs you high as it demands changing the entire theme of bathrooms. You may need to change the wall paints and other bathroom fixtures; that could be costly. In contrast, if you mount a painted bathroom vanity that is compatible with your old bathroom theme is the best and most budget-friendly project.

When finding the painted bathroom vanities, you will have different paint colors in front of you. This article will explore various painted bathroom vanity ideas that inspire you to convert your bathroom creatively. From bold and vibrant colors to soothing neutrals and trendy colors, various painted vanity ideas suit every design preference. Let’s dive deep into the topic and explore the endless ideas for painted bathroom vanities.

1. Bring classic white elegance!

One of the best ways to renovate the bathroom is to mount the white vanity. White bathroom vanity is the universally renowned bathroom vanity that can stand in any style of the bath area. A white vanity’s crisp and clean look brings a touch of sophistication and timeless charm to your space. Being a classic and timeless beauty to your bathrooms with mounting white bathroom vanity. Transform the congested atmosphere of your bathroom into a bright and airy one by mounting the white bathroom vanities. You can pair it with compatible fixtures such as gold vanity mirrors, lighting bars or a sparkling chandelier for an elegant and sophisticated ambience.

32 Inch GIZA White Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

32 Inch Eva Anthracite Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

2. Choose a sophisticated Gray

Gray is another traditional and classic color for bathroom vanity. You can elevate your bathroom style with different shades of Gray painted vanity. A sophisticated Gray offers the sleek and modern aesthetic of the bath areas. For a sophisticated look, you can opt for various shades of Gray like charcoal, slate, or dove Gray. Bring versatility and refined appearance by mounting the Gray painted vanity. Pair your grey vanity with complementary elements such as brushed nickel to improve the aesthetics. Add compatible soft lighting and marble countertops to create a welcoming atmosphere. A grey-painted vanity adds a sophisticated and timeless touch to your bathroom.  

3. Bold and gorgeous Black

If you love creating drama in your bath area, bold color bathroom vanities are for you. Quickly make a bold statement with a black-painted vanity. Black color can add a sense of drama and sleekness to the bathroom, creating a modern and sophisticated space.  While opting for a black vanity creates a striking contrast against light-colored walls so that you can get a striking focal point in your bathroom. The best way to improve the bold charm of black vanity is to pair it with sleek and modern fixtures, such as brushed brass or chrome. A black-painted vanity brings a sense of glamour and style to your bathroom, making it a standout feature that attracts your guests.

72 Inch Ayasofya Black & Gold Double Sink Bathroom Vanity
pink bathroom vanity
Source: Houzz

4. Add charming touch with Pink

Another way of decorating the bathroom is to bring charming and soft elegance. Soft light pink pestle-painted vanity is ideal for bringing such aesthetics to the bath area. Embrace your bathroom with a soft and charming look by opting for a pink-painted bathroom vanity. Generally, Pink color offers a delightful and creative vibe that adds a pop of color and a unique statement to your space. You can choose shades like blush, dusty rose, or pastel pink to create a soft and peaceful atmosphere. Simply pair your soft pink vanity with white or gold accents to enhance the elegance. Bringing the floral or botanical elements with the pink-painted vanity brings high-level sophistication to your areas.

5. Bring trendy Navy blue

Create a sophisticated and timeless look in your bathroom by bringing a navy-blue painted vanity. Currently, navy blue is the trendiest paint for bathrooms, as it brings a unique and timeless appeal to the bath areas. It offers a rich, deep hue that adds depth and elegance to your space. Navy blue painted vanity in various mounting styles can quickly fit in different bathroom designs. It is the perfect vanity that can fit traditional and modern bathroom designs. Whether paired with crisp white countertops or the grey marble countertop, it always adds a classic and refined aesthetic to your bathrooms.

36 Inch Selena Luca Navy Blue Single Sink Bathroom Vanity
48 Inch Selena Alice Green Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

6.  Fresh and Natural appeal with Green

A green-painted bathroom vanity is the best option for homeowners fascinated with the natural beauty of a forest or botanical charm. Mounting a green vanity brings a fresh and welcoming vibe to your bathroom. Green color induces a sense of nature and tranquility that helps to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. When you have decided to buy green vanity, you must choose between shades of green such as sage, mint, or emerald. A sage green vanity is the ideal shade of green that can stand in various style bath areas. You can pair your green vanity with gold accents for a rustic or organic look.

7. Natural Wood Grain Beauty

Another famous paint for bathroom vanity is natural wood colors. Get the natural beauty of wood by staining or painting your vanity in warm and rich wood tones. A natural wood-painted vanity adds a touch of organic elegance and the beauty of nature to your bathroom. Whether you are choosing a vanity crafted from high-quality natural or engineered wood, its natural wood paint enhances the visual appeal of your bath areas. Combining these vanities with earthy tones, such as neutral tiles and grey stone countertops, can enhance their aesthetic. Indulge your bath area in the unique statement of natural wood and transform your bathroom into a bath area with warmth and natural beauty.

40 Inch Veneto Dark Oak Single Sink Floating Bathroom Vanity
Vibrant yellow color bathroom vanity
Source: HGTV

8. Vibrant yellow for bringing radiant sunshine

Add a vibrant and sunny touch to your bathroom with a yellow vanity to bring a unique and dramatic feel to the bath areas. Yellow is a sign of positivity and energy and can create a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere. Yellow-painted vanities are available in shades like lemon, buttercup, and mustard to fit your desired style. A mustard vanity with soft-painted walls can bring unique and vibrant aesthetics to the bath areas. Combining these vibrant and soft colors brings the bath area a fresh and bright look.  Transform your bathroom into a delightful and inviting space by mounting the different shades of yellow painted vanity.  

9. Embrace tranquility with Beige

Light and soft colors like beige are symbols of sophistication. You can choose the beige-painted vanity if you want a sophisticated look without mounting the white vanity. By mounting a beige bathroom vanity, you can create a timeless and sophisticated look in your bathroom. Beige offers a neutral color choice that complements almost every bathroom style. Couple your beige vanity with white ceramic or marble countertops for an elegant and classic aesthetic. Beige painted vanity with black color accents creates a unique elegance and sophistication. Therefore, get a vanity with a black accent to enhance the color of the vanity.

32 Inch FLOW Single Sink Floating Bathroom Vanity
60 Inch Sequoia Beechwood Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

10. Vintage & Distressed Vanity

The vintage style lover or who wants to bring the farmhouse style in their bath areas, achieving the charming and aged look by distressing your painted vanity. With the vintage-inspired look, you can add your space’s unique character and touch of history. For this reason, opt for a vanity with distressed finishes, a farmhouse-style sink, and antique-inspired hardware. Mount this vanity in your bath areas and pair it with vintage style accents such as vintage light fixtures, bathtubs and lighting. The distressed features of such vanity add a touch of rustic charm to the vanity and make it feel lived-in and loved.

11. Opt for a double-tone charm

Instead of mounting the single-color vanity, you can enhance the aesthetics by mounting the double-tone bathroom vanity. You can create eye-catching focal points in your bath areas by selecting double-tone painted vanities. Choose a vanity with two contrasting paint colors or finishes to create a striking visual impact. For example, you can pair a black base with a bright shiny white tone for a modern and sophisticated look. You can also get the vanity with black painted drawers and pair it with a white ceramic countertop. The black and white combination is the most stylish yet traditional to create a unique design in the bath areas.

40 Inch LNR26 Black White Single Sink Bathroom Vanity


When you need to revamp your bath areas, you can bring a different painted vanity instead of renovating the entire space. It can help refresh and personalize your bath areas within your available budget. So, you don’t need to save additional money for changing the bathroom design. Various color options create various styles in the bath areas. Look at our various painted vanity ideas and choose one for you that can be compatible with your bath areas. For painted vanity, there are numerous choices; choose from vibrant and bold to smooth and shiny paint colors to bring unique aesthetics.

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