9 Green Bathroom Vanity Ideas For A Refreshing Makeover 

green bathroom vanity ideas

Bathroom renovation is one of the trickiest tasks for homeowners while updating the style of their entire home or just the bath areas. If you want to spruce up your bath areas with natural aesthetics, adding a green color is the best option. A green bathroom vanity is an ideal feature from where you can start while bringing the warmth and feel of nature. 

Adding the green vanity to your bathroom scheme brings a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. Green is a versatile color that allows you to select one shade from a wide range of shades. Luckily you can find bathroom vanity in almost all shades of green. From soft pastels to deep bright green, you can buy every shade of green bathroom vanity. If you want to create soothing and rejuvenating bath areas with the green bathroom vanity, then read the various green bathroom vanity ideas that we will discuss below. Explore various ideas, from selecting the perfect shade of green to including stylish accents to the green bathroom vanity.

1. Bring a classic Forest Green Vanity to your bath areas

The first idea for a green bathroom vanity consists of mounting a forest green bathroom vanity with a bright and rich green shade. When you bring the classic forest green vanity into your bath areas, it will add timeless elegance. Forest green, a deep and rich shade of green, can bring natural depth and luxury to your bathroom.

Pair it with classic white or marble countertops to upgrade its sophistication level. If the green vanity comes with traditional hardware in brass or brushed nickel, then your green vanity is committed to providing a refined appearance. By mounting the forest green vanity, you can create a focal point that displays a unique statement to your bath areas, making them stand out.

green bathroom vanity
Source: Homeatlas
farmhouse green bathroom vanity
Source: Soulandlane

2. Choose the rustic farmhouse-style green vanity

Another stunning idea is to opt for a rustic farmhouse green vanity that can bring a charming and cozy environment to your bathroom. Bring a weathered green vanity with vintage-style details, such as antique drawer knobs. Pair it with a stone or butcher block countertop, farmhouse-style vessel sink and a shiplap wall to enhance the rustic aesthetic.

A rustic green bathroom vanity brings a warm and welcoming environment while standing in your bath areas. Create a natural farmhouse-style environment with green bathroom vanities, and enjoy the vintage style in your contemporary bath areas.

3. Mount green vanity against the floral wallpaper

If you want to enhance the natural green color, mounting a green vanity against floral wallpaper is the ideal option. This combination creates a captivating and pleasant appearance in your bathroom. While doing so, you will notice the vibrant green hue of the vanity beautifully contrasts with the intricate patterns and colors of the floral wallpaper that make both stand out in your bath area.

But remember to choose a shade of green that complements the tones in the wallpaper. The wallpaper with a floral pattern and green vanity brings the bath area a fresh and natural environment.

green faux bamboo bathroom vanity
Source: Decorpad
48 inch green double sink vanity

4. Pair sage green vanity with brass accents

Couple your green vanity with brass accents to create an elegant and contemporary look in your bath area. The soft sage green shade of vanity acts as a peaceful framework, while the brass accent creates a sense of warmth and glamour. While achieving this tranquility, opt for brass hardware, such as drawer pulls and faucet fixtures. 

You can consider mounting the framed mirror or light fixtures to enhance the consistent look. This stunning pairing of sage green and brass brings the balance between a natural and earthy feel that makes such a bath area inviting.

5. Green vanity with mosaic tile floor

If you want to make your area a stunning and luxurious place, mounting your vanity on the different mosaic pattern tile floor is the ideal option. This unique combination creates a stunning and visually captivating bathroom. The floor with mosaic tiles shows a unique texture, and the green vanity adds a pop of color and extraordinary statement to the bath area while standing on such a floor.

While selecting the shades and pattern of tiles, consider buying these mosaic tiles in compatible shades to the green vanity to achieve a cohesive theme. Combining the green vanity and mosaic tile floor brings depth and attraction to the space by creating an eye-catching focal point.

mint green bathroom vanity
Source: Soulandlane

6. Choose green vanity for upgrading the storage space

While making the unique statement with the green vanity, consider upgrading the storage space of the bath area. A green vanity with multiple drawers can offer the perfect blend of functionality and style in your bathroom.

To achieve this look and functional aspects, buy a green vanity with ample cabinets and drawers to keep your bathroom essentials organized and easily accessible. The green color of the vanity brings the space a fresh and natural feel and creates the focal point in your bath areas.

7. Pair Green bathroom vanity with round mirror

Another gorgeous idea for green bathroom vanity is to pair your green shade vanity with framed or frameless round mirrors. Pairing a green vanity with a round mirror achieves a beautiful and balanced look in your bathroom. The round mirror, without any sharp edges, softens the vanity’s angular lines and enhances the space’s elegance.

You can opt for a framed or frameless round mirror according to your situation and required style. Both the green vanity and the round shape mirrors lend a sense of symmetry and make the area a luxurious space.

mint green vanity
Source: Decorpad
dark green vanity
Source: Soulandlane

8. Green bathroom vanity with white shiplap wall

Mount your green vanity against the white shiplap wall to simultaneously bring the farmhouse look and the luxurious feel. Combining a green vanity and a white shiplap wall will give your bathroom a classic and modern look. The white shiplap wall provides an uncluttered background against which the green vanity can gorgeously stand out.

This pairing is for those who love to create a clean and classic look and can play with the theme by adding various design styles. It can support various styles such as farmhouse, coastal and many others.

9. Create a deep look by combining the green vanity with Black Floor

To make an impression in your bathroom, pair a green vanity with a black floor. The green and black pairing is a striking combination that displays a luxuriousness and sophistication in the bath areas. This outstanding combination is the ideal option for creating the warmth and depth in the bath area, where you enjoy your grooming task in the peaceful environment.

Use black tile walls and a black marble floor with a bright green vanity for a sleek and polished look. The green vanity can stand out against the black background and become the focal point of the bath area. Putting these elements together makes for a beautiful and bold bathroom.

Source: Home-designing


If you want to bring a natural feel and unique aesthetics, a green bathroom vanity would be ideal. To create a unique theme in your bath area, a green vanity allows you to choose various bathroom design ideas. You can build a bathroom that is uniquely yours by adding a green vanity and playing around with different textures, finishes, and hardware. A green vanity can be customized to fit any style, whether it’s a modern design or a traditional feel. If you are unsure about designing your bath area with green vanity, read our various green bathroom vanity ideas. You will defiantly find one that can represent your personality.

The versatile green shades can shine in various ways. It can bring glamorousness by pairing it with brass hardware or combining it with a black marble floor. So opt for a gorgeous green vanity to instantly upgrade your bathroom’s look by following our green bathroom vanity ideas.

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