10 Unique Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Add Rustic Elegance To Your Bathrooms

Weathered Wood Vanity

A bathroom is a place that everyone wants to make a place according to their choice. By simply adding new bathroom furniture and accessories, it can be converted into a unique place. If you want to make your bathroom a space that can represent and provide the feel of the farmhouse-style bath area, then you can convert your modern bathroom into such an area by simply adding vintage-style vanity and mirrors.

Today farmhouse-style bathrooms are becoming more popular due to their cozy and rustic charm. The bathroom vanity is the central and focal point of the bath areas, so it should include industrial and vintage features such as rustic paints, distressed wood, and antique accents. Bringing the farmhouse-style bathroom vanity can convert your space into a farmhouse-style bath area. From natural materials such as wood or stone to vintage-style light fixtures, a farmhouse-style bathroom brings warmth and a welcoming environment. To add rustic charm and warmth to your areas, we have listed the different farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas you can choose for your bath area.

1. Choose a Weathered Wood Vanity

To make the farmhouse bathroom, choose a wooden bathroom vanity such as weathered wood vanity. A weathered wood vanity is an ideal option for bringing the rustic charm. When choosing the bathroom vanity, choose a distressed finish that gives the vanity a rustic and aged appearance. Such vanity brings warmth and a statement to the bath area, creating a cozy farmhouse environment. To enhance the appearance of the vanity and bath area, pair the weathered wood vanity with a simple white countertop made of natural stone.

2. Bring the Neutral Color farmhouse vanity

A neutral color pallet is a primary and familiar feature in creating farmhouse-style bathrooms. It can be the color of the bathroom walls and the bathroom vanities. To achieve farmhouse warmth, you need to select neutral color vanities such as white, light gray, or beige color bathroom vanities. The IRIS bathroom vanity with a single sink and white hue brings the farmhouse charm into your bath areas without extra effort. This neutral bathroom vanity allows you to embrace the farmhouse style by adding other elements to your bath areas. Add the vintage-style gold faucet and framed mirrors with this bathroom vanity to bring the farmhouse style to your modern and contemporary bath areas.

40 Inch IRIS Single Sink Free Standing Bathroom Vanity

3.  Light wood vanity with farmhouse Sink

Bring the farmhouse-style sink to the wooden bathroom vanity to achieve the warmth of the farmhouse-style bathroom. The deeper sink with the rectangular or bowl shape can be considered the farmhouse style sink. These sinks placed on the top of the vanity can add vintage charm. You can pair these sinks with the white countertop to make the simple and lean lines, and for adding the antique touch, you can pair these sinks with the wooden countertop. Pairing with the wooden countertop gives the bath area a cohesive appearance. A wide Sequoia bathroom vanity is ideal for bringing farmhouse aesthetics to your modern bath areas.

4. Bring some color to the farmhouse vanity

Even though most modern farmhouse bathroom themes are designed by adding neutral tones, you can still give yours an element of contemporary style by painting the vanity with bold colors like navy blue or green. When you introduce the pop of colors to a farmhouse vanity, you can instantly infuse the natural personality into your bathroom. The Selena Rosa bathroom vanity is ideal for a farmhouse-style bathroom vanity to create a stunning focal point.

Besides providing the farmhouse charm, a green vanity brings nature-based charm and functionality to your bath area. Additionally, you can opt for different shades of green, including mint green and deep forest green, to bring a sense of tranquility.

48 inch green single sink bathroom vanity

5. Simple farmhouse-style table vanity with open shelves

Another option for achieving farmhouse aesthetics is to open the simple farmhouse-style table vanity. A wooden table with a distressed finish is the ideal choice to achieve the rustic farmhouse look. Mount the 40-inch HOTEL bathroom vanity into the small to medium size bathroom to achieve the farmhouse ambiance. Use open shelves of bathroom vanity to access your bathroom essentials and place the farmhouse style accents such as buckets.

You can use these to organize your area by placing towels and other toiletries. Pair this table vanity with a farmhouse sink and vintage-inspired faucet to achieve a cohesive look. This simple yet stylish vanity design provides functionality with the timeless appeal of farmhouse decor.

6. Add some Vintage Accents

If you want to achieve a complete farmhouse style, include vintage accents in the design of your bathroom vanity. You can choose antique drawer pulls or knobs with vintage-inspired designs to make this. Install the faucet that carries the old fashion and vintage style to embrace the farmhouse charm of your bathroom vanity. Pair your rustic vanity with the decorative mirror featuring a distressed frame to bring more farmhouse aesthetics. You can upgrade the farmhouse style by incorporating vintage sconces or lighting fixtures.

rustic bathroom vanity
Source: Homebnc

7. Barn Door Vanity

Another attractive way to achieve the farmhouse-style appearance in the bath areas is to mount the barn door bathroom vanity. By incorporating the charm of a barn door into the farmhouse bathroom vanity, you can enhance the charm of your bathroom design. For more up gradation, you can replace traditional cabinet doors with sliding barn doors that add a rustic and authentic touch.

Choosing the barn door vanity made of reclaimed wood with a distressed finish is an ideal option for an authentic farmhouse look. Combine the barn door vanity with a concrete or stone counter for an urban flair.

bathroom vanity with mirror
Source: Homedit

8.  Incorporate antique & industrial Accents

To bring a complete farmhouse appearance, display farmhouse styles throughout your bathroom vanity area by placing the farmhouse style bathroom vanity and accents. Put the metal container on the shelves of the farmhouse bathroom vanity to store toiletries or hold hand towels that add a touch of rustic charm. In contrast, you can display woven baskets on the shelves to hold extra towels or decorative items. While achieving the true farmhouse style in your bath area, consider placing natural elements like potted plants or fresh flowers that bring a sense of life and freshness to the space.

In addition to this, you can place vintage-style jars and bottles as decorative pieces. Another great style is placing the wooden ladder on the wall and using it as a towel rack that brings farmhouse style to the vanity area.

farmhouse bathroom vanity
Source: 12oaksblog

9. Farmhouse Bathroom with Floral Wallpaper

You can add the wallpaper with a different pattern to bring the farmhouse aesthetics. Combining the floral wallpaper into a farmhouse bathroom design adds a touch of vintage charm and elegance. You can choose a floral pattern with delicate blooms or rustic botanical motifs to add farmhouse appeal. Apply the wallpaper on the entire wall or just behind the vanity. A weathered wood vanity or a simple vanity with vintage hardware can enhance the cozy environment while standing against the patterned wall. The oval mirror and light brass fittings can give the bath area a farmhouse feel while accompanying the gorgeous floral walls.

white bathroom vanity
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10. Pair the farmhouse vanity with simple style mirrors

Another option to lend the rustic charm to your bath area is pairing a farmhouse vanity with simple style mirrors. Generally, farmhouse design mirrors combine clean lines and round corners of the mirrors. So if you add the round or oval mirror above the farmhouse-style bathroom vanity, you can quickly add the elegant style. An oval mirror mounting on the white wall can create a beautiful contrast and add a touch of elegance to the bath area. For a more contemporary look, buy a mirror with a thin frame that enhances the farmhouse aesthetic and provides easy maintenance.

farmhouse style mirrors


Bringing the farmhouse style to your bathroom vanity design allows you to create a warm and inviting space. From weathered wood vanities and farmhouse sink designs to vintage accents and simple open shelving, there are various ways to introduce the farmhouse charm into your bathroom. This article discusses creating farmhouse coziness and atmosphere by displaying various farmhouse-bathroom vanity ideas.

Whether you choose a traditional farmhouse design or a more contemporary style, the ideas allow you to create a personalized farmhouse bathroom that creates a welcoming environment. Add the rustic elegance of a farmhouse vanity and transform your bathroom into a place of comfort and beauty you can enjoy for years.

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