8 Double Vanity Bathroom Mirror Ideas For Enhancing The Style

Double vanity bathroom mirror ideas

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in our homes, and bathroom vanities play an important role in making it the most stylish and practical space. For master rooms having a double vanity is a practical and elegant choice that can fulfill the requirements of each family member. But no single or double vanity can be considered a complete piece of furniture without compatible mirrors. For double bathroom vanity, mirror ideas can be varied from the single bathroom vanity.

By mounting the right mirror, you can enhance the space’s functionality and elevate the overall design of the bath area. If you are in the middle of finding the best double bathroom vanity mirror ideas, then the following article is for you. We will discuss various double vanity bathroom mirror ideas you can choose while designing your bath areas.

1. Mount two double mirrors

For couples and siblings who want to personalize their space, mounting the two mirrors above each sink is a great option. In this way, they can have their vanity space with their chosen mirror to reflect their unique taste and style. You can select various shapes, sizes, and styles for the double mirrors to create an interesting display. To create a softer look, you can opt for round mirrors, and to transform your area into a contemporary place, select rectangular shape mirrors. You can choose different options to bring drama to your place, such as framed or frameless mirrors.

2. Oversized Mirror for minimalistic area

If you have mounted the double bathroom vanity in the congested space, you can go for a single and oversized mirror. It allows you to achieve the vision of a larger area and a seamless look. If you choose to install mirrors that extend the width of the double bathroom vanity, you can visually expand your bath space. A wide mirror is ideal for such areas instead of installing small and double mirrors.

For this, you may have dual framed or frameless mirrors, but a frameless mirror not only brings a spacious feel but also provide a sleek and modern feel to the bath areas. While framed oversized mirrors still can restrict you from achieving the spacious feel, they can improve the sophistication level of the bath areas.

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3. Add Vintage charm with Antique Mirrors

Another option for serving your double bathroom vanity is to bring the vintage charm by hanging the mirrors that can represent history. If you love nostalgic and timeless appeal, then vintage or antique mirrors are an ideal choice. By hanging above your traditional double bathroom vanity, these mirrors bring the traditional charm to your bathroom while enhancing its elegant style. Select the mirrors with unique frames and antique finishes to create this classic and timeless look. You can select such mirrors in various shapes according to your choice and area’s space.

4. Medicine Cabinet Mirrors to improve functionality

When it’s come to achieving more practicality with the double bathroom vanity for more than two family members, hanging the medicine cabinets above the dual vanity sinks is the ideal choice. Medicine cabinets in different styles are the best option to serve large families with more storage space for organizing daily products.

Mounting the medicine cabinets above the double bathroom vanity means utilizing the available space to improve the bath areas’ functionality. Medicine cabinets can be framed or frameless, adding a touch of sophistication to your bath areas.

Source: Bobvilla

5. Bring the farmhouse aesthetics with wooden framed mirrors

Select mirrors with wooden frames if you want to create a warm and welcoming environment while mounting the mirrors above your double bathroom vanity.  The rustic wood frames of mirrors bring the feel of a natural environment to the bath areas, transforming the basic bath area into a farmhouse-style bathroom. While choosing wood framed mirrors, you will find different finishing options that can change the space in multiple styles. If you want to achieve a vintage look, a mirror with a distressed wood frame is the ideal option.

However, choosing a smooth texture of a wooden frame will bring a farmhouse-style appearance to your bath areas. You can go for single, oversized mirrors or small, double mirrors above the double bathroom vanity.

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6. Go for Contemporary & Unique Mirrors

When adding contemporary and unique aesthetics, mirrors with different geometric shapes are the ideal options. Various mirror shapes, from basic round or square to the more complex hexagonal shapes, can be obtained from the market. All you need to do is examine your area and consider your choice for the shape. All shape mirrors can bring unique aesthetics to your space while hanging above the double bathroom vanity.

Round mirrors are important for a classic and timeless appearance, while square or hexagonal mirrors are famous for having a contemporary and unique look. You can mount two mirrors above each sink or go for a single and wide mirror, regardless of the shape of your choice.

7. Bring the luxury with the Ornate Mirrors

If you want to bring glamorous charm to your stylish double bathroom vanity, consider mounting the ornate mirrors with sparkling frames above your double vanity. Ornate mirrors not only make your space functional but also give a luxurious appearance. Ornate mirrors have decorative motifs and sparkling structures that give the area a unique appearance. These features create a dazzling effect that improves the glamorous charm of the space and the vanity.  You can pair the sconces and vanity light bars to improve the aesthetics and luxuriousness of your area.

8. Artistic & Colorful mirrors for double vanity

A double bathroom vanity can serve with the artistic charm and feel by hanging the colorful and creative mirrors above it. The mirrors with mosaic or tile frames create a stunning and artistic appearance in the bath areas. These mirrors are the ideal choice for art lovers. By hanging such decorative mirrors, you might not need to find a place to put the decorations. 

While selecting such mirrors, you can choose tiles with the complementary colors of your bathroom to bring a consistent appearance. Bring a creative and artistic statement to your bath area by mounting any colorful shape mirror above your double bathroom vanity that can reflect your style.

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In conclusion, it might be difficult procedure for you to select the right mirror for your double vanity bathroom. Your choice can significantly impact the overall style and functionality of the bath area. You will find numerous mirror options to bring classic elegance, modern functionality, or a unique and artistic feel to your bath areas. If you are unsure what type of mirrors you should consider, read the mirror mentioned above ideas for double bathroom vanity.

You will find one that can enhance the appearance of your bath area by mounting the right style mirrors above the double bathroom vanity, showoff your creative style and personality.

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