10 Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas – Bringing Elegance & Calmness to your bathrooms

navy blue vanity bathroom ideas

During the renovation or construction of the bathroom, a bathroom vanity plays an important role in setting the style of the bath area and providing functionality to that area. These bathroom vanities consist of basins and cabinets, providing a unique statement and sophistication while improving the practicality of the area. Besides achieving functionality, people often go to the toilet to relax and refresh themselves. So it is important to make the bath area a so it can provide a welcoming and calm environment. For this purpose, a well-chosen vanity could be the most important factor in improving the visual appeal and environment of the bathroom.

A navy blue bathroom vanity is the perfect choice to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. In this article, we will discuss various bathroom ideas by mounting the different navy blue vanities styles. Whether you want to bring traditional or modern style to your bath area, a vanity coated with navy blue conveys timeless appeal in your bathrooms. Let’s explore various navy blue vanity bathroom ideas to transform your bath areas.

1. Bring a classic Navy Blue vanity to your bath areas

When designing, navy blue is the ideal option that never goes out of fashion. The deepness of this color can enhance the design of any size bathroom. It is the best color bathroom vanity for those who want to bring a timeless design to bath areas. Pair the navy blue bathroom vanity with the white tiles to enhance the classic look. Pairing with white tiles, a navy blue bathroom vanity can bring a touch of elegance and calmness to your bath areas.

If your navy blue bathroom vanity comes with brushed nickel or chrome hardware, then the classic style of your bath area will instantly improve.

2. Go for minimal yet impactful navy blue bathroom vanity

If you think that a navy blue vanity is for master rooms, then you might be wrong. No matter what size bath area you have, a navy blue vanity is designed to improve the aesthetics of the bath areas. A minimal navy blue bathroom vanity can instantly improve the design and functionality of compact bath areas. A minimal and compact navy blue bathroom vanity with gold hardware and a traditional marble countertop can enhance the bath areas’ timeless appeal and hygienic environment.

3. Couple a navy blue vanity with a marble countertop

To enhance the basic style of the navy blue bathroom vanity to the luxurious style, it is better to pair the basic vanity with a luxurious countertop such as a marble countertop. A marble countertop itself is a symbol of luxury. When you pair the navy blue bathroom vanity with the marble countertop, you can improve the elegance level of any size bath area. The gorgeous and natural marble stone pattern instantly compliments the navy tone’s depth. Besides bringing the luxurious appeal, a marble countertop enhances the clean environment of the bath area. You can instantly get a clean atmosphere with its waterproof and stain-resistant properties.

4. Choose a farmhouse-style navy blue vanity with open shelves

Choose a navy blue bathroom vanity with open and closed shelves to create a farmhouse-style bath area. Whether you have a small bathroom or want to bring farmhouse aesthetics to your large bathroom, consider combining open shelving with your navy blue bathroom vanity. With the open shelves, a navy blue vanity provides a space for placing decorative pieces that can improve the charm of the navy blue vanity. With compatible color decoration pieces, you can enhance the navy blue tone of your vanity. Put natural or artificial plant pots on your vanity shelves to create a proper farmhouse style in your bath area.

5. Choose gold hardware with a navy blue vanity

If you are considering enhancing the elegance of your bath area and the navy blue bathroom vanity, choosing the gold hardware is the best option.  You can easily achieve elegance and style by installing gold knobs on a navy blue vanity. When navy and gold colors are used together, they produce a lavish and elegant look that never goes out of style. In addition to the knobs, you can add more gold fixtures for an elegant contrast with the navy blue vanity. These could be the faucet, lighting bars, or towels in gold color, which will create a stunning look.  

floating navy blue bathroom vanity
Source: Decoist

6. Choose a floating and timeless navy blue vanity

If you want to bring sleek and minimalistic aesthetics to your bath area, mount a navy blue floating vanity with no visible hardware. It will allow you to achieve a spacious design in your bath area. The floating style brings a more open and contemporary style to your bath areas. Additionally, it can benefit you in changing the style of your bath area by converting the simple vanity into stylish vanity with different hardware. So you can switch the style at any time. A floating vanity without any hardware is a classic and timeless option that allows you to create a simple yet stunning environment.

7. Pair a navy blue vanity with the mosaic-style backsplash

To bring drama with the navy blue vanity in your bath areas, consider mounting this vanity against the stylish wall. You can pair the navy blue bathroom vanity with the mosaic-style backsplash to create a stunning and eye-catching appearance. A mosaic backsplash with complicated patterns and vibrant colors beautifully complements the vanity’s deep navy blue tone that can quickly enhance the bathroom’s appearance. Combining the mosaic-style backsplash and the navy blue vanity gives the room a sense of creativity. Whether you go for a mosaic with shades of blue to create a consistent aesthetic or choose different colors to make a powerful statement, this stylish option allows you to bring unique aesthetics to your bath area.

8. Bring aesthetics by mounting stylish mirrors on a navy blue vanity

To increase the charm and aesthetics of the navy blue bathroom vanity, it is important to pair them with stylish mirrors. Select stylish mirrors in different shapes, including pentagonal, hexagonal, square, or circle, to mount on the navy blue bathroom vanity. A framed mirror with a golden texture can spruce up your space while mounting on your bathroom vanity. The stylish mirror serves a functional purpose and becomes an appealing focal point in the bath areas. The navy blue vanity will transform into a piece of refined beauty with the addition of stylish mirrors.

9. Add soft Lighting with a Navy blue vanity

Lighting is crucial for creating the right atmosphere in any area, including the bath area. If you choose the soft lighting for the navy blue bathroom vanity, you can create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in your bath areas. When you mount the light fixtures, including sconces and pendant lights, then you can enhance the beauty of your navy blue bathroom vanity. A soothing and relaxing environment is necessary to achieve a relaxed environment for the grooming process in the day or night time. The combination of navy blue vanity and the soft and light lighting transforms the bathroom into a peaceful environment, making your area a truly enjoyable space to start and end each day.

10. Pair the navy blue bathroom vanity with a brass accent

Pairing it with the brass accents is ideal for creating a stunning and elegant design with the navy blue bathroom vanity. No matter what size bath area you have, this unique combination improves the aesthetics of the bath area. The deep and rich blue can complement the warm and golden tones of brass. You can instantly achieve luxurious feelings by installing brass drawer knobs, a faucet, or towel bars with the navy blue vanity.


In conclusion, if you want to make your bathroom into a chic area, the different navy blue vanity bathroom ideas are a classic and compliant option. When designing a bathroom with a navy blue vanity, you can select traditional to modern styles for your bath areas. The rich navy blue color provides visual depth and calm sophistication. To take up the glamour of the navy blue vanity to new heights, you can pair it with different components such as brass accents, soft lighting, and sophisticated mirrors. Look at the given navy blue vanity bathroom idea to transform your area into the most calming and sophisticated place.

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