What Size Sink For 48 Inch Vanity?

what size sink for 48 inch vanity

When remodeling your bathroom, the most crucial part is to find the right size sink according to your vanity size. Mainly, if you are struggling to find the perfect size sink for your 48-inch vanity, this post is for you. 

Bathroom vanities are the critical features of the bathroom that makes every bathroom functional. You can gain comfort in usage by mounting the vanity with the right size vanity lightsvanity mirror, and vanity sink. Whether you want to install a single or double sink in your 48-inch vanity, you must accurately know its measurements. While deciding, if you end up with the wrong size sink, your whole project will go wrong. 

Let’s explore the topic and determine the ideal sink size for a 48-inch vanity. 

A general method to measure the bathroom sink

Before deciding the sink size for the vanity, you need to understand the general measuring method. If you are going to replace the old one, then the simple way is to understand the sizes and dimensions of the old sink. But when installing the new sink, you need extra effort to take the exact measurements. 

The general method of determining the sink size is by measuring the dimensions of the sink and its surrounding area. Sink dimensions depend on the sink’s width, length, and depth. To measure its width start from the most, start from one outer lip of the sink and end at the other side of the sink. Similarly, start from the left corner of the sink to the right edge to measure the length. 

You can measure its depth starting point is the top side of the sink, and the endpoint is its deepest spot. This method you can use for rectangular sinks. However, you must consider the sink’s diameter, whether round or oval. 

In addition to the sink, also you need to take measurements of the countertops where you want to install your sink beside the sink faucet measurements.

Standard sink size guide for vanity 

The standard size sinks range from 16-inches to 24-inches for rectangular shape sinks. In contrast, round shape sinks have a standard size diameter of 16-20 inches. The standard sink depth is 5-8 inches. 

The size of the sinks can vary according to the type of sink you want to install in your desired vanities. However, according to standard size measurements, you should leave 4-6 inches of the vanity top from each side of the sink. Additionally, the sink must be centrally placed at a 12-inch distance from the wall and left 2-inch length from the top edge of the vanity top. Depending on the sink’s style, depth can change.

For double sinks in your vanity, there must be enough space for two persons to use the vanity without interfering with one another.   

For mounting the double sink into a 60-inch, the standard size of the circular sink falls between 18 to 20 inches with a depth of 8-inches. Ensure to leave a distance of 30-inches between the centres of both sinks. 

The right size sink for 48-inch vanity

According to standard dimensions size, the right size sink for 48-inch vanity can be estimated easily. For 48 inch vanity, you don’t need a vast size sink or a too small size sink if you need a single sink. In an alternative case, when you need two sinks for 48-inch vanity, you will need two equal sizes sinks for your vanity. For 48-inch vanity, you need a sink with a 34-inches size. This site can allow you to leave a 7-inch space from the sink’s sides. 

You can mount the double sinks into the 48-inch vanity by keeping a distance of a minimum of 30-inches between the two sinks. Sink size will depend on the shape of the sinks. However, any shape sink in medium size can be perfect for a double style 48-inch vanity. 

Types of sinks and their measurements

The size mentioned above is the standard measurement, but it can vary according to the shape and type of the sinks. Your specific sink size will depend on what kind of sink you choose for your vanity. There are different types and shapes of sinks, and the standard sizes of these sinks are sometimes different. Let’s discuss the typical forms of the sinks and how you can measure their length. 

Drop-in sinks

The most common style of sink is the drop-in sink. These sinks feature a lip around its rim that occupies an inch of the countertop and is usually integrated into the vanity tops. While taking measurements, when focusing on 4-6 inches of the countertop, consider this one-inch lip of the sink.  

To estimate the drop-in sink size, you need extra care as this sink will integrate into your vanity tops. It should stay in the cabinets. Measure the size of the hole of your vanity where you want to install the drop-in vanity. Take both side-to-side and front-to-back dimensions lengths. These sinks are the easiest ones to install. 

Under-mount/integrated sinks

Unlike the drop-in sink, these under-mount sinks do not have any lip on their edges. These can easily fit in vanity tops and give a perfect vanity top space. Such sinks allow you to place more products on your vanity tops.

The measuring method for such sinks is similar to the technique for drop-in sinks. You must take measurements carefully so your integrated or under-mount sink can be perfectly fixed under the vanity top. 

Vessel sinks

Such type of sink does not fit into the countertops of your vanity. These sinks give a modern look to the bathrooms but usually have less durability. But they allow you to store more products underneath the vanity tops. 

For measurements of such sinks, you don’t need to worry about the vanity top’s sizes where you want to put the vessel sink. In this situation, you must also consider the vanity and the vessel sink height. So while using it, you can perform your tasks efficiently. Still, you need to consider the sink’s regular dimensions. The standard vanity height along the vessel sink is 30-36 inches. 

Pedestal sinks

A pedestal sink is independent of any vanity. This type of sink consists of a sink placed on a tall base. Such sinks are perfect for small rooms and bathrooms where you can not mount any size vanity. To estimate the size of such sinks, you need to measure the sinks horizontally and vertically. For the pedestal sink, the standard height is 29-33 inches. 


Can a 48-inch vanity have two sinks?

A 48-inch vanity is considered the standard size for mounting the two sinks. Though 48-inch vanity gives fewer countertops space for placing products, you can mount the medium size two sinks in the 48-inch vanity. 

Can any size faucet is perfect for all types of sinks?

No. Faucet size varies according to the sink size. The sink has different holes in its rim. Start measuring the faucet’s exact size from the right spot’s centre to the left hole’s centre. Select the tap according to the resulting measurements. 

Final thoughts

To find the right size sink for 48-inch vanity, you need to take proper measurements of the sink. Measure the vanity tops and the area where the sink will go. Though the sizes are different according to the style and shape of the sinks, you must measure the size accordingly. We discussed the main points for choosing the right size sink for your 48-inch vanity. Still, you can contact us to get proper guidance about the right size sink for your vanity.

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