What Size Mirror For 24 Inch Vanity?

what size mirror for 24 inch vanity

Any bathroom remodeling project is incomplete until you find the right size bathroom mirror beside the bathroom vanity. No matter what size bathroom vanity you have, finding bathroom mirrors compatible with your specific vanity’s size and style is vital. If you hang any size mirror above the small size bathroom vanities, such as a 24-inch vanity, then you might end up with an inconvenient and unsymmetrical look.

For small-size bathroom vanity, including 24-inch vanity, you can hang the bigger mirror to get the open and wider look of your small and compact areas. It might not be a wrong thought, but you cannot exceed the mirror size of the bathroom vanity. For the right size mirror for a 24-inch vanity, you need to focus on different factors we will describe later.

If you’re looking for some tips and advice on what size of mirror you should buy for a vanity that’s 24 inches wide, this article will take you in the proper direction.

Standard measurements for the mirror to hang above the 24 inch vanity

The general rule for hanging the mirror above any size bathroom vanity is that it should be between two and four inches less width than the vanity itself. The bathroom mirror that is 22 inches wide, less than the width of a standard 24-inches vanity, is the ideal mirror size. However, you are not bound to stick to these rules and regulations. 

You can make changes according to your needs and available space. The bathroom mirror should be large enough to hang over the sink, even if your vanity has a luxurious sink. You can lose the bathroom vanity’s aesthetics if you hang the smaller bathroom mirror. The ideal size for a 24-inch vanity mirror depends on more than just the standard size of mirrors.

What factors are involved in deciding on a mirror size above 24-inch vanity?

For small and compact size bathrooms, a 24-inch bathroom vanity is ideal, but it couldn’t be considered a complete piece of furniture without hanging the compatible-size mirror. When you select the right size mirror, especially for the compact bathroom vanity, you do the right thing to get convenience in various ways. Different factors that you can consider in choosing the right size mirror are:


First and foremost, the factor that any vanity or mirror user can focus on is to achieve perfect functionality and affluence. To achieve this, vanity mirrors should be placed in a way that will provide the user with the perfect vision. While hanging, keep in mind the eye level of the user. The height of the mirror could be different for taller persons than for small heights. However, if multiple users will use the mirror, then keep the height of each user in mind while measuring the mirror size for a 24-inch vanity. The standard distance between the floor and the mirror is 4-7 feet.

Vanity & mirror dimensions

The other important factors when deciding the mirror dimensions for 24-inch vanity are the bathroom vanity and vanity top dimensions. You need to focus on the vanity height and width to decide the right size.


The height of the bathroom vanity can define the mirror height. The standard height of the bathroom vanity is 32,” but it can be different for different vanity styles. For example, a freestanding bathroom vanity has a specific height, but the height for floating bathroom vanity is changeable. However, for deciding the mirror height, there will be other features than just the vanity height. You may need to focus on the height of the sink and sink faucet. Ideally, you can leave 5-10 inches between the mirror and the sink.


The width of the vanity will define the mirror width. The general rule allows hanging the mirror two to four inches smaller than the vanity. There should be a maximum of 2 inches gap on both sides of the mirror and the vanity top. In the case of a 24-inch bathroom vanity, the ideal mirror size will fall between 18 inches and 22 inches. The most suitable width is 22”, which gives balance and a wide appearance in small areas.

Lighting fixture and their placement style above the 24-inch vanity

Another important factor is the types of lighting fixtures. For bathroom vanity, you will find different styles of lighting fixtures that not only make the space brighter but also provide a modern and stylish look.

You can mount the lighting fixtures in different styles, from common lighting bars or sconces to unique pendant or chandelier lights. All you need to do is to get the right lighting and the appearance of your bath area. A 24-inch bathroom vanity is small, and for such areas, the basic style lighting would be the perfect option.

If you have pre-mounted lighting bars above the mirror, it will affect your mirror’s height while measuring the size. On the other hand, if you like the scones on both sides of the mirror, you need to think about the width of the vanity mirror.

What type of mirror do you want to hang above the 24-inch vanity?

Another factor is the type of mirror you want to hang above the 24-inch bathroom vanity. While defining the type, you will need to focus on different available styles besides the shapes of the mirrors.

Shapes of mirror

You can find various shaped mirrors on the market. The most common mirror shapes are rectangular and square and have been popular for centuries. The standard mirror size rule applies to such style mirrors as they have defined corners. You need to hang them in the right size and position to get a symmetrical and balanced look.

On the other hand, if you want to upgrade the aesthetics, you can mount round, oval, or geometrical shape mirrors. Still, you can follow the standard mirror size guidelines, but you need to show extra care while hanging them because the mirror center should be aligned with the center of the faucet and the sink. Similarly, you can make measurements for geometrical shape mirrors.

Style of mirror

Besides the shape, you can focus on the style of your mirrors. You can hang a single or a double mirror for bigger vanities, but the 24-inch vanity is not big enough to hang the double mirrors. Therefore, this style is not suitable for the 24-inch vanity. You can select your single mirror with or without a frame. A frameless mirror can be hung according to standard size guidelines, but for the framed mirror, count one or two inches for the frame of the vanity mirror.

Moreover, medicine cabinets can be an alternative to a mirror when you need to increase the storage space while achieving the right vision in the mirror. To upgrade the functionality of your mirrors, you can select smart mirrors with the latest technology, including defog, Bluetooth, and LED lights.


Can sconces mount on the sides of the 24-inch vanity?

Yes. The vanity lighting can be mounted in various ways. It’s all up to your choice where you want them to mount. You can mount the two sconces for each mirror side above the 24-inch vanity. Just make sure you hang the mirror that is 70% of the size of your vanity. 

Final Words

In a nutshell, the mirror size for a 24-inch bathroom vanity can be 22 inches wide when you hang the mirror according to the standard guidelines. However, if your area does not allow you to hang this size mirror, you can change the mirror size. Whatever your size, you need to focus on getting the right functionality and the different factors such as vanity height, lighting fixtures, and more that we described before.

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