What Size Mirror For 36-Inch Vanity?

what size mirror for 36 inch vanity

You need to hang the right size mirror above your bathroom vanity to accomplish the right theme in the bath area. If your bathroom vanity is 36 inches wide and you don’t know what size mirror can be perfect for your vanity, then this guided article is for you.

Vanity mirrors are beneficial in many ways and are necessary to perform different grooming tasks, including cleansing, shaving, styling your hair, or putting some makeup on. You must achieve the right comfort while performing these grooming tasks as you perform these tasks to feel relaxed and fresh. If your vanity mirror size is inaccurate or hanging in an irregular space, you might have difficulty viewing yourself in the mirror.

Besides, hanging the right mirror provides your bath areas with a complete and balanced appearance, enhancing the attractiveness for visitors. Designing your home or bath areas reflects your personality, so it is best to show your creative personality to others. You can start with mounting the right size mirror above your 36-inches vanity by following our considerations and guidance for your bath areas. 

Standard mirror size for hanging above 36-inch vanity

You can use the rule of thumb to get the right size mirror. It will help you to hang the accurate size mirror above your 36-inch vanity. The standard rules tell us to leave a gap of almost q inches on either side of the mirror and the vanity. When you follow this rule, the right mirror size for your 36-inch vanity is 32 inches wide. The height of your mirror could be 24 inches. But you can change the mirror size according to your needs, bathroom style, and available space.

Consider the dimensions of the mirror.

If your vanity is 36 inches wide, use that measurement to guide you while shopping for a mirror. It will include the mirror width as well as the height.


To define the width of your mirror, you can follow the standard rule. The rule allows us to mount the mirror four inches smaller than the vanity. There should be a minimum 2 inches gap between the mirror and the top edges. Therefore, the ideal mirror size is 32 inches. However, you can alter the size according to your design needs and area availability.


Second, you can consider the mirror height while deciding the mirror size. The height of the mirror above the 36-inch vanity can depend on different factors. While deciding the right mirror height, consider the eye level of the mirror utilizer to provide them with an achievable vision. Plus, you can consider the other wall-mounted lighting fixtures, vanity height, and faucet height to keep the mirror from touching anything. Ideally, the bathroom ceiling should be 4-5 inches from the mirror top.

Important considerations to get the right size mirror for 36-inch vanity

In addition to the standard guidelines, some other important considerations can play an important role in deciding the size of both mirror dimensions.

Available Space for mirror

Carefully examine your area before deciding what size mirror you need. The 36-inch bathroom vanity is a small-size bathroom vanity, mostly in compact to medium-size bath areas. Small areas can look bigger if you mount the single and wide mirror for a 36-inch vanity. But the only consideration for such situations is not exceeding the mirror and countertop widths.

Vanity placement

Vanity placement is important in deciding the right size mirror for 36-inch vanity. You have various options for placing the vanity in small to large size bathroom vanities. For example, you can mount the corner bathroom vanity in any available corner space to save space. The placement and size of the mirror depending on the location of the pre-mounted bathroom vanity.

Lighting fixtures

Another important consideration is the lighting fixtures. You can have various types of lighting fixtures, but according to your choice of lighting, the width or height of your mirror can be affected. If you want to hang the lighting fixtures above the mirror, then height of the mirror can be defined. The lighting fixtures should be one to two inches higher than the mirror’s top edge. When selecting the sconces to get the right brightness in your bath areas, the width of your mirror will be affected. Select one or two inches narrower than the standard mirror size.

Cabinets or open shelves

If your area has additional wall-mounted cabinets or open shelving, you need to ensure your mirror is not touching them. To avoid your mirror encountering them, you need to leave a space of a few inches between them and the mirror.

Different mirror shapes and their placement

The vanity mirrors come in various basic to upgraded shapes to serve the bath areas with a new and modern look. A rectangular or square vanity mirror would be the perfect option to enhance traditional and transitional values. You can mount A rectangular mirror in vertical or horizontal positions. For tight areas and small-medium bathroom vanities such as 36-inch vanity, a vertical mirror placement is ideal for the open look. In the case of a square mirror, the ideal size for 36-inch vanity could be 36×36 for enhancing the appearance of your bath areas. These mirrors are also available with the latest technology, including LED lights, Dimmer lights, and many other smart features.

The other common and popular mirror shapes are oval or round that can also mount horizontally or vertically. Although these mirrors don’t have any defined edges to measure the size, their diameter can be considered the mirror size. Carefully mount them by centrally aligning them on the sink and faucet line.

To upgrade the design level, a geometrical shape mirror in various styles and shapes can mount in both positions: vertically and horizontally. Their measurements also consider according to the rule of thumb.

The frame or Frameless mirrors

All shape vanity mirror comes with various features. One feature of these mirrors is that they come with or without frames. You can select according to your bath area and your personal choice. Undoubtedly, the framed mirror can improve the artistic appeal of the small-size bathroom. But nothing can convey the more prominent appeal by hanging the single frameless mirror above the 36-inch bathroom vanity.


What will be the best size for a bathroom mirror?

According to the rule of thumb, the width of your mirror needs to be 2-4 inches less than the countertop’s width, and the height should be at least half as tall as you are to get the proper reflection. That means if your height is 64”, your mirror will be 32”.

Final Words

In conclusion, you must follow the general rule of thumb to get the right mirror size. But it can only be applicable when your area has enough space to hang the standard-size mirror specifically for small bathroom vanities such as 36-inch vanity. Before buying, consider the important factors that we discussed before.

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