What Size Mirror For 60 Inch Vanity?

what size mirror for 60 inch vanity

If you are looking to install the right mirror for your 60-inch vanity, this article is worth reading. It is understandable that you need to figure out some essential and basic concepts during the renovation of bathrooms. Mounting the right size mirror over the vanity is one of them. 

The 60″ vanity is specially designed for a wider area and comes in a different style. To match the style of the vanity, you need to install a unique and stylish mirror. The market is full of different types and shapes of mirrors, but the real question is what size mirror will suit a 60-inch vanity. For larger vanities like 60-inch vanity, you might need a larger mirror to enhance the beauty of your area. 

Let’s discuss the standard rule for mirror size and some crucial points for selecting the right mirror for a 60-inch vanity. 

Standard mirror size for 60 inch vanity

The thumb of rule for mirror size is it should be, at most, the vanity size. Following the standard room, the mirror size for a 60-inch vanity is 56″ wider. In this way, you can get the mirror leaving 2 inches of space on both sides of the mirror, over the vanity. This mirror size can vary according to the bathroom dimensions and shapes of the mirrors. 

How to decide on the accurate mirror size for a 60-inch vanity?

When selecting the right mirror size, you need to focus on different things. The standard-size mirror may not be suitable for your area. You might get an unsymmetrical bathroom theme if you need to estimate your bathroom area to install the mirror. To make the right decisions follow the given instruction.

Consider the dimensions

While selecting the mirror size, the dimension of the area and the mirror play an essential role. For larger areas, you cannot install a large mirror whose top matches the ceiling or two small mirrors, leaving more space around them; it will give your bathroom an odd appearance. 


The height of a mirror depends on different factors, including the height of the vanity, the size of lighting fixtures, and the space between the vanity and ceiling. An essential thing while defining the height of a mirror is the height of the person who will use that. It should give them comfort while using the vanity. 

However, the ideal gap between the mirror top and the ceiling is 5 inches. 


The width of the mirror goes along the width of the vanity. According to the rule, it should have less width than vanity. As we have described earlier, a 60-inch vanity can be 56 by leaving 2 inches of space from both sides of the mirror.

However, you can mount the mirror according to your style. For instance, some people like to hang a mirror that is exactly the same width as the vanity. Although, this is not an inappropriate way, it is advised to leave the space. 

Consider the shapes and style of mirrors

Before buying a mirror for a 60-inch vanity, you should define the space and what shape will suit the available space. Multiple-shape mirrors are available in the market, but you must understand which one will fit in your room to choose one. Let’s look at some commercially available shapes of the mirror and what would be the right size of a specific shape mirror for a 60-inch vanity. 


The mirror’s most commonly installed and stylish shape is rectangular. It is famous among people because of its usability. It gives more functionality to its users. When we talk about the standard size of a mirror, we generally focus on the shape of the mirror. So you can buy the 56-inch mirror for a 60-inch vanity with multiple sinks. 

To obtain the various functions, you can place it either horizontally or vertically. If you put them vertically, you can have full body coverage.In contrast, the horizontal position is ideal for torso coverage. Most people like the horizontal position for hanging a single mirror, but multiple mirrors are hung vertically.


Another shape of a mirror is the square shape. It is an ideal shape for a 60-inch vanity. The standard size of the square mirror is 56 inches tall and 56 inches wide for 60 inches vanity. While mounting this mirror, ensure the gap between the mirror top and the ceiling. 

Like other shape mirrors, you can select multiple square mirrors for each sink integrated into the 60-inch vanity. It all depends on your preference for how you want to enhance the aesthetics of your space. 


These shape mirrors are considered ideal for large vanities like 60″ vanity as there are no defined edges of such mirrors, so you don’t need to worry about leaving space around the mirror. For a single sink 60-inch vanity, you can install the 56-inch round/oval mirror. For double sink vanity, you can go for two small round/oval mirrors. In the case of an oval mirror, you can install that horizontally and vertically, any way you want to mount them. 

The main trick of hanging these mirrors is to align the centers between the middle of the vanity in the case of a single mirror. If you install two mirrors, align the center of the mirror to the center of each sink. The installation of this mirror might be tricky, but in the end, you will get a fantastic look at your bathrooms.

Unique shapes

Besides the typical mirror shapes, now you can get some uniquely shaped mirrors. These could be pill-shaped, geometrical, hexagonal, and many more. These are the best options to modernize the area with uniqueness. 

You can apply the same rule as the other shapes. These unique style mirrors can be installed in both vertical and horizontal positions according to your taste and preference. 

Framed or frameless

Besides these shapes of the mirror, you can get different styles of mirrors. All shape mirrors are available with or without frames and are known as framed and frameless. Frameless mirrors are usually installed over the vanity to achieve a wider appearance. You can get a mirror which is equal in size to the vanity. Some frameless mirrors are available in sizes 30″ high and 60″ wide. More importantly, these are a cheaper choice to give your bathroom vanity areas a unique style. 

On the other hand, framed mirrors are famous for achieving a sophisticated look. These mirrors come with integrated LED lights, nickel brass finishing, or wooden frames. You can also select a white or black best-size framed mirror according to the theme of your area. However these are expensive mirrors, but for luxurious desire, these are worth buying.

However, the sizing rule is almost identical, regardless of the mirror style and shape. 

Double vanity mirrors

The 60-inch vanity is the most famous for double vanity. These are perfectly suitable for the expansive main rooms and guestrooms. As we have discussed above, you can install the single mirror over the double sink 60″ vanity and the double mirrors over each sink.

While hanging the double mirror over each sink, the standard rule is that there should be a 4″ gap between two mirrors, and a space of 2 inches on either side of two mirrors should be left. The other way of mounting the correct size mirror over each mirror is that it should be 2 inches smaller than the sink size.

Consider the Lighting fixtures

Another vital thing to consider is the height of lighting fixtures. Before deciding on the mirror’s size, look around the area. If you have already installed wall-mounted lights above the mirrors, your mirror height should be two inches lower than the lighting fixtures. Similarly, if you want to mount the scones on the side of the mirror, then your mirror should be one or two inches less wide.

Other essential things to consider


The most important thing while selecting the mirror over any size vanity or 60-inch vanity is getting the proper functionality. While mounting the wall-mounted mirrors in main rooms or other rooms where you need extra storage, you might need medicine cabinet mirrors or other things to achieve great storage. 

Your vanity might need more storage drawers, or you have more products than the storage facility. In this case, the medicine cabinet mirrors are the best option for storing the products you need daily. 


The other important factor is the style of your area. It depends on the look you wish to create for your area.Different style options are available such as minimalistic, decorative, traditional, and more. The right size mirror is the main point for achieving that specific style.


Should the light fixture be narrower than the vanity mirror?

Yes, the right size of light for the vanity should be a few inches less in width than the mirror’s width. Ideally, it should be 75% of the size of your vanity. Of course, you don’t need any lighting fixtures that stretch out the vanity mirror. Sometimes mounting the sconces on the sides of the mirror is a better option than mounting the lighting fixtures above the mirror. Especially if you have multiple mirrors, you can mount more than two sconces. 

What light is suitable for the bathroom vanity, soft white or daylight?

Mostly it depends on personal choice. Some people prefer soft white light over daylight to get warmth in their areas. But to achieve the task lighting, we recommend choosing daylight. However, if you install more than one soft white light bulb, there is nothing wrong with this choice. 

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, you need the mirror for a 60-inch vanity that is at most 56 inches wider. However, depending on the size of your bathroom, you can subtract a few more inches. Many other factors, including the mirror shape and style and light fixtures, define the size of the mirror. However, your mirror should be manageable, so your bathroom has an imbalanced appearance. If you still need clarification about the bathroom projects, you can ask us for quick guidance. 

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