How To Get Hair Dye Off Bathroom Vanity? 7 Effective Methods

how to get hair dye off bathroom vanity

Do you get stained your bathroom vanity with hair dye? Are you struggling to find the best way to get hair dye off without damaging your vanity? Stop worrying about that. We bring this comprehensive guide to solve the issue.

Dyeing hair is one of the most necessary parts of enhancing beauty for men and women. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, hair dyeing is a messy procedure. You might accidentally drop some dye on your bathroom vanity or create a mess while washing your hair in the sink. As a result, you have destroyed the beauty of your vanity. Perhaps you have to face embarrassment in front of guests with this stained vanity. So you must have some idea to get rid of those stains.

This article will guide you on how to get hair dye off from porcelain or marble bathroom vanity by following several methods. You can achieve this through the products available in your home.

7 Popular methods to remove hair dye from bathroom vanity

Method 1: Baking soda

Mixing baking soda and water is the most popular and effective method of removing dye stains from the bathroom vanity. It works well for getting back the beauty of vanity. Follow this procedure to remove stains.

  • Take baking soda into a bowl.
  • Make a thick paste by adding water.
  • Apply the paste on the vanity’s stained spots.
  • Scrub this paste in a circular motion until you feel the stains have been removed.
  • Rinse off with fresh water

If your stains need to be removed appropriately, you can repeat the procedure.

Method 2: Baking soda plus vinegar

Another practical method of removing the stains is mixing the baking soda with the vinegar. Since vinegar plays a vital role in cleaning the bathroom and other home areas, it would be the best option to clean the vanity. Mixing baking soda and vinegar break down the dye stains to remove them quickly.

You can make the paste of these two ingredients and apply them to the stains. Rub it with a piece of cloth and wash it with water. To attain a clear vanity, repeat the process.

baking soda and vinegar for vanity dye cleaning

Method 3: Cleaning with alcohol

Alcohol acts as a cleaning material for hair dye stains. Take some alcohol on the cotton ball and rub it with an old brush on the vanity surface. It will eradicate the stains. Ensure that you did not apply this on the painted surface because it is strong enough to clear that out.

Method 4: Bleach

Bleach is a more robust cleaner to remove dye stains from the bathroom vanity. It eliminates the dye marks in no time. You can get a clear surface quickly. Refrain from applying this directly on the surface. Mix the bleach in the water and use it on the vanity top. Allow to settle this mixture on the vanity for up to 10 minutes. Then wipe away the mix, and you will get the stains removed.

Method 5: Nail polish remover

It is another best stain remover you can get quickly from your home. Nail polish remover comprises a firm material (acetone) that effectively removes the dye stains from vanity tops. Apply this to the area where the stains need to be removed with a cotton ball. Remove it after disappearing off the stains. Make sure to use it sparingly on painted surfaces, as it can also remove that.

Method 6: Dish soap

Another best stain remover is the dishwasher. Mix the dish soap with the water to remove the surface’s dye stains. You can scrub the mixture on the surface with the help of a wet towel and get rid of the colors.

Cleaning bathroom vanity with dish soap

Method 7: Cleaning with bathroom cleaner

Clear the dye stains with the bathroom vanity, and try some bathroom cleaner. You can buy a specific bathroom cleaner if all the natural ingredients need to clear the colors. Such types of products generally consist of bleach and work efficiently in removing stains quickly. Spray the cleaner on the dyed area and scrub with the sponge. In the end, wash it with fresh water.

Tips to prevent the bathroom vanity from getting stained

You can follow the methods mentioned above to remove the stains. However, you should apply some safety measurements for your porcelain vanity tops before drying the hair. You should protect yourself and the vanity where you will use the dye. Read the following tips to prevent your vanity.

  • To protect your vanity top from getting spoiled, wrap it with cling film. A hole for the water to drain must be made.
  • You can apply petroleum jelly/Vaseline on the sink for its protection.
  • Immediately wash the sink after getting your hair dyed.  
  • Run the water when you hang your hair over the sink during the dying process.


To maintain the beauty of your vanity, you can adopt any of the methods we have discussed above. All of these methods have been tried and proven. Before applying anyway, ensure the material is suitable for your bathroom vanity. Similarly, avoid using any hard scrubber that can cause scratches on the vanity top.

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