What Is The Standard Bathroom Vanity Height?

what is the standard bathroom vanity height

If you are going to remodel your bathrooms and change the vanity, you must know about the standard vanity height. It is a necessary step to make it functional for all family members. If you mistakenly mount your vanity with a lower or higher height, you could avoid difficulty in the future, and your remodeling project might need to be corrected.

If you have already made up your mind and are searching for a standard vanity height, you have reached the right place. Until now, vanity height has fallen between 30 and 36 inches, but vanity trends have shifted from simplicity to modernism. The vanity height might vary according to vanity styles and trends. However, the standard vanity height is 32″.

This article will discuss some main factors defining your bathroom vanity height. Besides, you will learn about the types of vanity with their standard heights.

Factors to consider for the vanity height

There might be different factors involved in deciding the right vanity height. Various sizes, styles, and shapes are available for vanities—all you need to consider about your needs, choice, and budget.

Purpose of Vanity

You may know the real purpose of the bath vanity. As you need perfect size vanity for makeup, shaving, and other grooming purposes, there are some other things you should consider to define vanity height.

Is your vanity just for you or for all other family members? Do you want to install the vanity in a small or larger space? Your height also plays a role in deciding the size of your vanity.

Space availability

The other factor involved in defining the vanity height is the availability of space for the vanity. You need to check the distance between the floor and the roof. Does your area have sufficient space to mount the right mirror and light fixtures along the vanity? You may need to mount medicine cabinets above the vanity; there should be enough space between the vanity and the roof for mounting the cabinets.

Existing Features

If you are installing the vanity in your area for the first time, you don’t need difficulty measuring the height of water lines and electrical plugs. But when you are remodeling your bathroom, you may consider the plumbing and electricity fixtures. Hence the size of the vanity must be according to those existing features.

Types of vanity heights according to style and needs

Today’s vanities are available in different styles and arrangements. While making changes in your areas, you can select according to your choice by keeping your budget in mind. Vanity heights can be divided into categories according to the vanity’s need, comfortability, and design.

The standard height of bathroom vanity

Conventionally, the standard bath vanity height is 32 inches in older homes. This vanity height is perfect for families who use single bathrooms. With the kids, this 32″ vanity height is ideal, allowing them to use it easily.

These vanities come with a large countertop that helps the small children to utilize them. While adding this vanity to your bath, you should also focus on the previous fixtures for the plumbing and electrical system.

The comfort height bathroom vanity

Currently, the bathroom vanities have been changed from simple to unique styles. In addition to fashion, people have changed the vanity height from standard to comfort level. The comfort vanity height is now 36″ tall, allowing the adults to use the vanity without bending. This comfort vanity is more elevated than the standard one. The primary purpose of designing this type of vanity is to keep your back straight while washing your face.

These are now popular options for new bathrooms and homes. These vanities usually have a similar size to the kitchen countertops, where you don’t need to bend to chop on the boards. These are made to accommodate those who are medium to tall. For children, they recommend using a small ladder or stool.

The right height for vessel bathroom vanity

The modern vanities come with vessel sinks. These sinks are usually placed on the top of the vanity top. Therefore, such bathroom vanities need to fix at a different height from the comfort and the standard height levels. The height of these vanities is lower than those above because the vessel sink can be placed on the vanity tops. This vessel sink has a height (of 5-6 inches) to ease the use of this basin. The standard height for a vessel sink vanity is 26 inches, while the comfort height is 30 inches.

The right height for floating bathroom vanity

The floating vanity must mount on the wall at a specific height while giving a floating process. The average height for floating vanity is equal to both standard and comfort height vanity. So you will hang the floating vanity at 32″ or at 36″ from the floor. It makes this vanity flexible to design according to your needs. If you want to make it usable for children, you can mount it at the standard height. While installing this vanity, you need extra care in securing this against the wall.


What is the standard height of the drain pipe for the bathroom vanity?

The standard drain pipe height for a bathroom sink falls between 18-20 inches. The water supply lines are installed 20-22 inches above the floor.

How deep should your countertop be?

The depth of the countertops varies according to the size of the bathrooms. The standard vanity top depth is 22″, while it is 18″ for smaller rooms.

Summing up

Vanity height can vary according to your vanity style and size. Before selecting one, you should focus on the factors mentioned above. However, the standard vanity height is 32 inches tall, but you can mount it according to your bathroom space and style of vanity. Before mounting any vanity, take proper measurements for the vanity and other things, such as vanity lights, mirrors, and medicine cabinets. Now you have an exact idea about the standard vanity height. You can contact us for your specific bathroom space to better understand the right vanity height.

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