What Size Light For 48 Inch Vanity?

what size light for 48 inch vanity

If you are surfing the internet to find the right size light for 48-inch vanity, this article is for you. Vanity lights are essential parts of the bathrooms as these have versatile functionalities. Vanities are spaces for people to perform self-care tasks all day long. But with the right lights, you can enjoy your grooming tasks. Besides, the right size lights are necessary to give a detailed look to the bathroom. 

Bathrooms with windows and open spaces might have less need for vanity lights. But the bathroom without natural lights requires sunshine’s exact size and brightness for daily tasks. Choosing the right size light for a size vanity or 48-inch vanity mostly depends on your style and taste. However, other factors include mirror size, type of light fixtures, and how much luminous you need.

In this article, we will discuss these factors and the size guide of light for 48-inch vanity.

Standard size guide for vanity lights

The general size guide can help you find the right size for 48-inch vanity and other size vanities. To estimate the size of the light, you have to measure the width of the vanity and mirror. The size of the light will be 75 % of the mirror’s width; fix this by aligning the mirror’s center. The space between the mirror and the bar lighting should be 3-inches. The exact size of the light should be suitable for the size of the vanity and mirror.

For small vanities, a single light bulb would be needed. But more oversized vanities, like 48-inch ones, require more than one bulb to cover the vanity area.

For sconces, the measurements will be different. They should be 18 inches long in size. The gap between the sconce and the floor should be 65 to 70-inches. Similarly, the gap between two sconces should be 28 to 30-inches, but this can vary according to the vanity size and the bathroom area.

Right Light size for 48-inch vanity

When you know standard measurements, you can get the right size of the lights for 48-inch vanity. But it can vary according to position and type of mirror.

If you want to hang the light above the mirror, then for a single vanity mirror, it should be 36-inches wide for 48-inch wide vanity. The placement of this mirror should be in the middle of the mirror. This measurement is for those mirrors which are equally wide to the vanity. For the mirror with lesser width, the size of the light fixtures will be 75 percent of that specific size mirror.

In the case of double vanity mirrors, you will hang two 18-inch wide lights above both mirrors.

On the other hand, if you want to hang the sconces beside the mirrors, then the standard light size is 18-inches long for both sides.

Factors to consider while selecting the right size light for 48-inch vanity

Position for installing the lights

First, consider the position of the light fixtures. Where do you need to hang the lights? Position of the lights not only determines the area’s brightness but also defines the size of the lights.

The lights can be hung in two different ways. Firstly you can install the lights above the mirror. Secondly, you can install it on either side of the mirror.

It depends on your taste and preference, but you need to get the right size light to make your vanity area functional. 


The second factor to consider is how much brightness you need in your bathroom. Vanity lights must be able to illuminate the area for performing a different task. Most people think the lights as functional. On the other hand, for a few people, vanity lights serve the ornamental purpose of improving the aesthetics of their area.

Despite their versatile purposes, vanity lights must be able to brighten up the area. For this, you can only go for a size vanity light. The size should be proportional to the mirror and vanity. However, a small light for the specific task would be perfect, but for general functions, you need a more significant vanity light.

Mirrors for 48-inch vanity

The most crucial factor is the right size mirror for a 48-inch vanity. The measurements of the light fixtures depend on the size of the mirrors. In addition, it also defines by the style and position of the mirror.

A single bar light fixture with multiple bulbs will be suitable for a wider mirror or the mirror equal to the vanity size. If your mirror is less comprehensive than the vanity size, then you can choose the size of the lights by following the rule. The rule is you need to select the light size, which is three-quarters of the mirror size.

If your 48-inch vanity has a double-style vanity, you must select two equal-sized light bars for fixing above both sinks. If you want to set the sconces on the sides of the mirrors, then it should be suitable for your area.

Styles of vanity light fixtures

For illuminating the vanity, there are various styles of light fixtures. The right style light fixture for your area and vanity is necessary to provide proper brightness. Additionally, it will give your room a beautiful, intricate appearance.Besides the style, you need to select the right size of the light fixtures.

The most common styles are bar lights and sconces, and chandeliers.

Bar lights

The most common and essential style of light fixtures is bar baths. These are suitable for mounting above both smaller and wider vanities. Generally, bar lights have more than two light bulbs attached to the bar base. Whether you want two or three LED- bulbs or globe bulbs, the size of the bar depends on the size of the vanity above you wish to mount them.

These come with multiple light bulbs for a wider mirror, like a 48-inch vanity mirror. You need to select a less total size than the 48-inch vanity. For exact size measurements, you can follow the rule mentioned above. For a double-style vanity with two sinks, you must buy two small bar lights to fix above both mirrors.


These are the other style light fixtures that can mount beside the mirrors. This style of light fixtures not only enhances the function of the bathroom but also increases the grace of the area. The size of the sconce lights depends on the vanity size and the location of the bathroom.

For more petite vanity, the sconce must be 12-inch longer, while for 48-inch vanity, it should be 18-inch long. Fix the two sconces on the sides of the mirrors by keeping a distance of 28-inches between them. 65 to 70-inches should be left between the floor and the sconce’s edge. Leave the 4-inch gap between the mirror and its adjacent sconce.


Another famous style of light fixture is the chandelier. However, size measurement is unaffected by the size of the mirrors and vanity. The size of such fixtures usually measures by measuring the bathroom. The 18-inch chandelier would be perfect for 8’x10′ bathroom, and the regular height for ceiling lights is 7 feet from the floor.

While selecting the proper size light fixtures for 48-inch vanity, consider the light fixture finishing. If you choose the wrong finish despite of appropriate size, then it can also affect the appearance of your bathroom. Standard finishing is chrome, bronze, nickel, brass, and brushed nickel.


Can I mount a 30-inch vanity light over a 48-inch vanity?

Yes. According to standard measurements, you can mount the 30 to 36-inch vanity light above the 48-inch vanity. Since the size of the light depends on the size of the mirror, other than the vanity size. If your mirror width is less than the vanity width, then the size of vanity lights can be 30-inch according to the mirror size.

Final Verdict

In short, the light size for 48-inch vanity can vary according to the size of the mirror mounted above the vanity. However, the rule for deciding the light size should be 75% of the mirror size. You will also need multiple lights for mounting above the 48-inch vanity to enhance the functionality since these are more oversized vanity and need more lighting. This comprehensive article provides complete information. Still, you can contact us if you need clarification about your unique project.

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